(BBT) Door to the finale for Chapter 8 is open earlier than it should.

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So, I was playing some the story mode for Battleblock Theater on my computer, and after beating the finale for Chapter 7, I entered Chapter 8. Once I entered it, I was looking around the vault, and then, I saw that the door to the finale was open. I didn't even finish the first level of Chapter 8. I tried checking it on a different save file, and it was closed on the other save file. I also tried restarting my game, and it was still open. When I went in front of it, it showed that I had an A on it, even though I didn't enter it. After that, I went inside to see if it was a visual bug, but it was indeed, the finale for Chapter 8. I don't know how it happened, and I'm still trying to figure out how and/or what I did to cause it.


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