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Castle crashers doesn't save progress

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I'm trying to replay castle crashers after several years. The first time I played it was on my old 360, and now I'm trying to replay it on my xbox 1s, but when I complete a level it says

Sorry, castle crashers cannot save your progress




When I press retry it does nothing. Also when I first sign on it says you need to sign in to xbox live to play online, but I have xbox live active. I am playing the original game on xbox one, not the remastered edition. Also my dad was the one that bought the game years ago on the 360 but even now if i try to play on his account it says the same


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Hey there! Since you are playing the original version of the game and using backwards compatibility for your Xbox One. Normally when this occurs it's because someone is trying to play it on an account that did not purchase the game, however you mentioned that it also doesn't work on your Dad's account. Assuming his account has not changed at all, you may want to try the solution on this thread about transferring over an Xbox profile:

If that doesn't work, let us know and we'll try to find another solution for you!

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