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Blankets Online Arena Guide

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Blankets Online Arena Guide

Hello, and welcome to my first guide. In this guide I’m going to be walking through my favorite part about this game, Arena Mode. Now when I say arena mode you know I mean Melee, so don’t get smart with me O_o . To start off this guide there is a couple things I need to say first. Every ones levels and stats are the same in arena mode! You wouldn’t believe how many people complain about how the only reason they lost is because they were only a level 20 and I was a level 60. Your levels and stats don’t affect you character at all, but what weapons and pets you have on them will. Most of you probably already know this though, so let’s get on with the guide.


Combos are the most basic form of damage in arena mode. One combo can bring half of your opponents life bar down, if done correctly. Ok when it comes down to your basic combos that you learned in-game, you’re not going to be getting a lot of these off on someone in arena. What you will be using a lot is juggling combos. The most basic way to start a juggle combo is to just jump over your opponents head and start the combo. Other ways include magic jumping them followed by an AA, or using the XY attack on ground followed by a quick Y to make you and your enemy air born. All of these combos can be linked together to make your own juggle. Not taking weapon or pet stat increase in consideration, every attack done in air does 24 damage each.

The Jedi Combo

Button Input: X (Continuously)

This combo is the most basic juggle combo used in arena. You jump at the enemy and x attack them in one direction, or back in forth in one spot. The more speed you have when starting this combo the longer the combo will last.

Jedi Combo variation

Button Input: XXYY, X or Y (Continuously)

In this variation, you start the combo off with XXYY attack which will hit the enemy too the ground and bounce them back up for you to continue X attacking them. Pressing Y continuously after the YY part will also do X attacks. If you want this juggle to last longer, going back and forth instead of straight across will enable you to get more hits on the opponent before they fall.

No Name Combo

Button Input: XY Small pause Y

You uppercut the opponent and then smack them to the ground bouncing them back up for more. By its self this combo isn’t very good but if combined together with other combos it could be useful.

Spin Combo

Button Input: XYX (fast input)

You uppercut the opponent and then you character does an aerial front flip with their sword. This combo is really hard to pull off continuously, and seems kind of impractical. You can use it if you want to be a show off and look flashy. :P

The Chainsaw Combo

Button Input: XYY (Continuously)

This is the most effective combo to use in the arena mode, because it keeps the enemy in the air longest. The starts off with an uppercut attack, hitting your opponent higher into the air, followed up by a sword spin. If you keep repeating this combo you can juggle someone for ages. Even though it is the better combo to use it is also the hardest. It takes lots of practice and timing to pull it off perfectly. This juggle can also be made twice as deadly by combining it with other juggles.

That’s all I have for right now, but if you know of a juggle that I don’t know of feel free to tell it to me, and I’ll be sure to put it in this guide. I’ll also try to put up videos of how these combos look as soon as possible. :]


Since every ones levels and stats are the same in arena mode you need something to give you an edge over the opponent. Well that edge comes in the form of weapons and pets! Yay! Anyway there’s not really much to put in this section, because I’ll be putting which weapons and pets to use with whom in the characters section. What I will put in this part though is which pets and weapons you should never use in arena unless you want look like a jackass. :] Most of these are pretty obvious by the way.

You can find all weapons and pets stats, and what they look like in Sullys CC Knowledge site. :]

Pets you should never use:




Mr. Buddy








Instant Ball

Bipolar Bear

Bitey Bat

Hawkser (only useful in multiplayer battles when a person die he might bring you food from their dead body)

Pet Counters

Here I’ll list what pet best counters which character.

Troll – Green Knight (counteracts against his poison)

Yeti – Blue Knight (renders blue knights freezing ability useless)

Rammy – Red Knight (comes in handy when you are being lightning trapped)

Snailburt, Spiny – Any character that uses a lot of attacking combos.

Burly Bear, Snoot – Useful against especially defensive players.

I think which weapons you shouldn’t use is pretty self explanatory. Now onto Character Builds!


Green Knight

Green knight is probably my least favorite knight. The reason being that his magic reach isn’t nearly as far as the orange knights and since his yy is different it messes up my juggle combos with him. If you do prefer Green Knight, I would go with either a balanced build or an annoying poison build.

Balanced Green Knight:

Pet: Chicken, Scratchpaw, Burly Bear, or Snoot.

Weapon: Flame Sword, King’s Mace, or Two-Pronged Sword.

Strategy: The idea is to poison first, combo second. Always make sure they are poisoned before you unleash your combos on them. That way while you’re juggling them they are also taking damage from the poison. Also use the speed you get from your pet and weapon to your advantage. Magic jumps are the best way to start up juggles with him.

*This build will apply to all characters from now on, because it can pretty much work with anyone*

Annoying Green Knight:

Pet: Troll, Spiny, or Snailburt.

Weapon: Black Katana or Gold Sword.

Strategy: Just run around and be annoying. Poison them at every chance you get and let it eat away at their health. Always try to magic trap them, which means as soon as they are about to get up magic blast them again. A good magic combo with this build is to use a Magic Jump AA then blast them with a RT+B.


Orange Knight is probably my favorite knight. Not just cause of the fact that he has the farthest reaching magic blast, but also cause he looks like a total bad balloon. Since Orange Knights magic has such far reach he becomes a much more effective character than green knight is, and has more options available too him. He is in my opinion the most balanced character in the game.

Offensive Orange Knight:

Pet: Burly Bear or Snoot

Weapon: Club or Steak

Strategy: This is my favorite build of all time. With OK’s far reaching magic blast you can always keep on the offensive and put pressure on the opponent. When they try to escape your onslaught of magic, you catch them with a nice juggle combo, putting the + strength from your pet and weapon to good use. You get a little burn bonus if you magic jump juggle them too.

Magic Orange Knight:

Pet: Beholder

Weapon: Morning Star, Gold Sword, or the Spike

Strategy: Pretty much the same as the Offensive OK but with more magic spamming. :D


I hate this guy, but you can’t help but use him sometimes. He’s just so dang cheap and evil you can’t resist. Every one Knows that the biggest thing RK has going for him is his RT+Y Lightning. Use Red Knight if you are in an evil mood.

Lightning person who trades services:

Pet: Beholder

Weapon: Morning Star or Gold Sword

Strategy: Knock them down, and then lightning trap them as they try helplessly to get up. A couple good ways to get them on their backs would be to magic jump them, juggle them, or throw them. Then there is my favorite way. It’s so sneaky and no one ever expects it. When someone jumps at you and try’s to juggle you, block at the last second and you will deflect them and knock them down. BAM! You just turned their attack on themselves. Lol


I hate this guy too, but unlike the red knight I don’t like using him whatsoever. I have experimented with him though, and I have to say I do find him cheaper than the red knight. He is very over used, and very irritating.

Freeze person who trades services:

Pet: Chicken, Scratchpaw, Burly Bear, or Snoot

Weapon: Club, Steak, Flame Sword, or Kings Scepter. Maybe Ice sword too If you want to look fancy.

Strategy: Freeze then Juggle. Your best bet is to get them with a magic jump, or an aerial RT+Y. Then juggle the crap out of them before they can break out of the ice. Also whenever you get the chance spam a bunch of RT+B’s at them and hope one lands.

BOMB GUYS (Gray Knight, Conehead, Royal Guard)

I love these guys. Spamming bombs and arrows completes me. These guys are very underrated, but a mix of bombs, arrows, and juggling is deadly.

Defensive Bomber:

Pet: Spiney, Snailburt, Troll

Weapon: Black Katana, Club, or Two-Pronged Sword

Strategy: Spam Bombs and Juggle like crazy. Get in close to your enemy and use aerial RT+Y magic to bounce bombs in their face. Before they start getting up use RT+Y to arrow trap them, and try to get a juggle in. When you’re throwing your aerial bombs don’t magic jump just normal jump.


Another one of my favorite unlock-able characters, this guy is a lot of fun to use. He is pretty much the same as the bear except is RT+B attack acts more like a Splash magic and proves more useful. His Splash magic’s reach is farther than the orange knights but also does less damage. The thing about this guy is his Tornado magic. It is just so much fun juggling people with tornadoes. Lol

Basic Saracen

Pet: Burly Bear or Snoot

Weapon: Club or Meat

Strategy: Since his magic isn’t very powerful Saracens main focus of attack is combos. However His RT+Y Tornado attack becomes very useful for juggling opponents. On Ground it may not prove very powerful, but against and air born opponent it does 28 damage. You can put his tornado attack into any combo to do an extra 28 damage depending on how many times it hits. He is also very useful against any opponent who is trying to juggle you. When an opponent jumps at you ready to start a juggle, you can just go tornado on him and counter his attack doing extra damage too him. Try not to use the tornado too much on ground though it is very easily blocked and target to magic. Think of it like a super slow mount. Another fun thing about Saracen is his Jump RT+B is the same as his RT+B which is unblock able, and can fool a lot of opponents who think you are going to try to juggle them. The last thing I have to add is whenever you magic jump an enemy always follow up with a tornado instead of an AA.

That’s all for right now. I’ll write up more characters later but for now I’m pooped. Also if anyone has any character strategy ideas you’d like to submit go right ahead. I’ll test them and add it to the guide. Well I hoped you all enjoyed my guide, and I hope it helped some of you arena noobs out there. Remember; go easy on me because this is my first guide. ;)

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I'm going to have to disagree with you on not using BiPolar Bear. He actually won my last two Arena matches that were extremely close. We were both down to nearly no life and I just happened to hit my opponent with an arrow and BiPolar Bear went to town on them and I got my victories.

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Great advice blanket! Should really help out!

If possible, maybe try to figure out good Arena tactics with Saracen? I heard he can be pretty useful! ;):lol:

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Iced Pea:

He was next on my list I have experimented with him a lot and he has some good juggle combos with his tornado.


BipolarBear is only useful at that last bit of match where your opponenet has a sliver of health, for the rest of the match he is utterly useless. It would be better to replace him with someone that actually improves your chances of winning for the majority of the match.

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If you can hold your own and block and juggle then you don't have to have them anyways. Haven't you ever heard that the only part of a game (dealing in sports here) is the last two minutes? BiPolar Bear is my clutch. If someone can get in the fight and juggle the crap out of their opponent and then work them consistently, BPB will take care of you in the end. Is BPB the best orb to use? Not at all. But I don't think that not being the best means that he should be thrown to the curb dubbed totally useless. But I just say that because he's helped me twice in the past week. 8-)

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I can't say the same for me, I always finished the opponent before he became useful when I was testing him. lol


I can see where your coming from though.


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I updated the combo section, adding new combos and better descriptions.

I also updated the rest of the guide adding a little bit more here and there.

And the biggest thing Is I added Saracen to the Characters list, so go check him out because he is serious fun to use.

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This is a pretty good guide for those just starting Arena. The only thing I can think of is adding a few tricks necessary for recoveries/when you're on the defensive. A+X is a godsend.

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Not true. I still browse, but I hardly ever find reason to post. I just updated the Necromancer FAQ though, and I saw this. Talk about a blast from the past. :lol:

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