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Anorexic Whale

Taking Signature Requests

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Hey everyone I'm taking requests for signatures that you want!!!

Please fill out the form below;


Render: Go to renders gallery and there are alot you can choose from.(also Jouste renders acceptable)



Main Color:

Secondary Color:(Not needed)



Text:Anorexic Whale.

Render: Go to and go find one

Effect: Little squares in red everywhere in the background fading to black.

Font: Somthing red and hazy.

Main Color: Red

Secondary Color: Black

Comments: Use the top half of his body and put it on the left and also put the UT3 logo in it.


(Don't use this is my signature)


(All areas needed(Except comments, secondary color and effects) or will not accept)

Up for Grabs

A couple knights I did for anyone if you want to claim





Up for grabs (Gears of War signatures)

Locust Sniper Claimed by the_lurker


Carmine signature claimed by MRvister



I do all my signatures in 450x110

(good size)

Signatures Inspired by Lars.

Waiting list

- Rightous Moose





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Theme: Gears of War 2


Color: Red, Apocalyptic (sp?) feel.

Style:Maybe a little fiery or hazy, Kind of like the cover of GOW2.

Special Effects: None (if you have a suggestion for one, put in if you'd like.)

Text: Guffawer

Font: Maybe Red in Chiller. Anything creepy and red.

Comments: IF you can, just use the top portion of Marcus' body (with his head, hand out, and chest) I can't wait to see it, and thanks again! I'll make sure to credit you!

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Text: MRvister (Blue text)

Render: Blue knight from castle crashers

Effect: An icy, dark blue effect around the knight.

Font: KaiTi (Possibly something different if it doesn't look right)

Main Color: Dark blue, Blue. (That Prince of Persia blue looks really awesome)

Secondary Color: Black

Comments: Try to get the blue knights head in the sig beside the text.

Note: I don't have a very good imagination :? But I really liked the sig that you made ;)

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Text:Righteous Moose

Render:A glowing moose

Effects:Sort if holy looking glowing going everywhere from the moose.

Font:Yellow old timey

Main color:Yellow


Comments:I too have no imagination but i really like your work.

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Okay but I havn't much time until the weekend guys I got a busy life. I'll try to start.

You need an actual render though... not just saying what you want in your picture you need to have a link to a picture.

EDIT: Unless MRvister you were reffereing to claim the blue knight signature that I did?

I will have them all done before the weekend starts.

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