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Image Macros? Sigs? Avatars? Anyone?!?

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Then I'd like to see like an army of trolls, shooting fire out of there eyes, oh and maybe all four knights doing their magic around themselves to kill off the trolls, but they are all like drooling acid and regenerating eachothers health, so they're impossible to kill, so the King comes in and uses his special power Senior Citizenship (use your imagination or something like old ladies smacking enemies with their purses or w/e) but the King is also busy fighting the Wizard who is sitting on the shoulders of the Necromancers, luckily the Crude Corn Cub turned nice after being defeated so he's joining the fight and launching exploding popcorn that sets the trolls on fire with really superhot butter.

Can you do that?

Oh and please add the chariot with the Groom and his lover too. With like undead horses pulling it.

EDIT: Can everyone in the picture sort of yell "Devaliant rulez because he's nice and doesn't complain when the TU kinda drags out"?


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