Castle Crashers: 3 Word Story

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killed many foes

That doesn't make sense, so I will ignore it.

Chuck Norris decided

For Auto-erotic asphyxiation killed many foes, makes perfect sense, just the person shouldn't have used the . there...

I think it meant to be like this:

using batman's toolbelt For Auto-erotic asphyxiation

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The above doesn't make sense ^^^

Then BOOM! Something

Charlies kidney was taken in candy mountain =P They used his kidney to make juice, see? Makes sense if you get the reference. Anyway,

horrible happened to

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(The Story so Far....)

Once upon a horrible apocalyptic evening, four Knights went to the forest of inexplicably perverted pancakes. Then they met 3 ugly game developers, named Steve, Mark, and Stan, so they beat the crap out of them.

They asked, "why?" So they could steal their precious super developing powers but they had alot of pancakes humping their butts and that sucks because the syrup takes months to fertilize. Now they started walking through the deep dark Pancake cave, that drips with delicious Nectar of the slutty pancake queen who has giant syrupy balloon cheeks with strawberrys on her kitten nipples.

Then the queen ate a puppy dog treat which was shaped like a human being. So the knights baked more treats that they used to beat up the syrupy queen. He was like, WTF and then he poked the knight with angry thoughts. The knight slashed his store's prices cheaper then ye old walmart so everyone could make more treats! All 4 knights died. The End. Then the wizard died. The End.

Then the king killed denivire so that the great people of the spiral knight order can live peacefully until they learn to revive the Spirit of the Great Mighty Poo. The knights fought Valiantly against the suicidal apples man then he took a giant poop which devoured souls because its hungry for it requires the dollar menu then the knights, as they walked, they headed for the bath room.

The castle filled with furious ferrets and with yoda and he said use the force while also trying to eat food and cook up some delicious eggrolls, a pumpkin pie, and a foot-long tasty apple pie so they can eat it on a naked women while fighting barbarians on the plains. Then they met with bruce lee in celebration of darth vadar's birthday, he turned 91, but they forgot it also was Chuck Norris' birthday so they sung a rap song written by a drunk homeless man that was suicidal and who was really drunk and dead sexy and more drunk because he's fat and very smelly because he's homeless and very sexy. He was actually really really old. Actually he's dead so, The End.

Or was it? It's not, so... Once upon a heavy midnight dreary while I pondered about this "Mary" whom I cannot have sex with. So I keep on pondering but this time her period was around this time so then I thought something aloud "This girl smells!" which lead to..... one really akward... teenage pregnancy celebration! Good times, but Alas, the baby had sex with the King's dog. Then the knights met a cow who ate lots of baked beans. They named it Sally. Sally started Humping their legs! ..with great force. Then she finished, So the knights rode the Sally towards the bear's huge balloon cave home town of the giant magical pitchfork of incredable poking power.

They saw a dragon and decided to shoot magic at it using their giant purple banana of death so the Dragon would not kill them. It was mesmerized by their awesome Power of Awesomeness when suddenly a a giant boulder of impending DOOM turned into cheese and it tasted Like great cheese and sounded like the dragon wanted a big fat midget to please his godess of awesome power. So the knights tried to spank the hairy man's balloon which helped with the epic quest to eat snailburt!

Just then, the green knight puked some venom on George Lucas. He, the red knights, and a bear died slowly. The Neapolitan ice cream has bad grammar. Teh end but: It actually isn't So the Knights kicked MUCH balloon And licked many Big Salty Balloons, and that was really really nasty but really tasty And Resulted In Getting Super Aids.

"OH GOD NO" They Shouted Loudly then they died But were Revived, only to notice they were immortal and somehow they died again. After turning into cheese Because Their Allergict to SUPER AIDS! They became immune to poison Ivy and SUPER AIDS! Suddenly batman appeared and joined them And raped their Foes with great pleasure and excitement using batman's toolbelt For Auto-erotic Asphyxiation.

Chuck Norris decided to eat some newborn babies he was stopped by two very angry Wang eating trolls that were sent with 3 ugly Magic frog legs to devour the magic cabbage swords that were glowing with delicious juice From candy mountain! From Charlie's kidney Then BOOM! Something horrible happened to charlie the unicorn and was really pissed.

(Made with minimal editing, but I cut the posts that didnt make sense.)

(If it takes up too much space, I can remove it btw)

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