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RipTlde's Idea #1: RoboRampage!

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Its a dark future, and like in the story books the robots turn evil and try to destroy mankind....

but in this game....



The Art


the art would be the same style as in Castle crashers, except it would mostly be dark and furturey like.


The story


In the future the humans got real lazy so they built robots to do everything, but one day all of the robots turned evil! So you play as Dan the robot, or tom the human. As bob you would try to destroy the humans and as Tom you would try to destroy the robots.


The Unlockables


When you go through the game you would unlock different types of robots (like a toaster robot, or a gardening robot) and different proffesions of the humans (like millitary officer or cooker)

You would also unlock more guns/weapons

I thought this forum category was for 3rd game ideas so ill post this...

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