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Official Castle Crashers Gamers List

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All are free to send an invite, because I need time away from Halo 3 soon. People are getting younger, better, and more arrogant by the second on there.

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my gamertag is blinxz1210(im gonna change my gamertag either the day castle crashers comes out or before)

my new gamer tag should be iBlinxz

simple,easy,short :)

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I dident think i was getting into a huff and puff :o

I am just as sycked as everyone else and i want everyone 2 have the most fun they can with this game

Sorry to be a grammar Nazi but:

dident should be didn't


sycked should be Psyched. As in Psychology.

Much like how people say, "Yea my car is sooped up" When it is spelled Souped

Cuz nawledge is powah

Sorry about my grammer but I was typing fast so that I could tell people that I don't really care. I am not trying to start a fight or anything. This thread is supposed to be for people that want to have fun and I did not mean to somehow start a flame war. As you can see I signed this list as well.

Sorry Everyone

Duder, you don't have to apologize. I swear I need to learn how to properly write inflection. I was hoping the whole 'Cuz nawledge is powah' ending was to show I was only being light about it.

If anything, *I* Need to apologize to everyone.

So I am going to extend my virtual hand and shake yours with a smile and say, "I'm sorry buddy. Honestly no hard feelings."


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