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MechaZeep's art Thread

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Hey mechazeep,

I saw the pictures in the first few pages of this topic. I didnt really like them to be honest. But the sketches i see here on the last page are nice! :)

Do you have anything like a vector program? flash or illustrator? I started by using the line tool to ''redraw'' my sketches. And im only 1 year past starting that, and i think my creations are pretty good. (see them in the ''inspiration problems'' topic)

Tough i already had some experience with non-computer work (graffity, drawing on shoes, painting, etc)

Hope that helps :) If you want to give it a try, searching for some tutorials on youtube and google is always great :D Deviantart has some tutorials on it too.


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New sig, FINALLY.

Can you make one of a funny part with the star guy in it?

Him and the blue man were the best!

Sure. And yeah, they were the best side kicks a nose hair weilding super hero could possibly have.

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