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who has patience?

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I'm gonna be the Rainbow knight. You know... the one that gives enemies seizures from just looking at him? Especially all the kids playing at home.

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where do you work?

I work in a kitchen at a nursing home. It's honestly not a very bad job (in fact, I like it), it's just not until 12:30PM EST is all. Knowing my sleeping patterns, though, I'm not going to be sleepy again until like halfway through work. I'd say I'd try to fall back to sleep again too, but Castle Crashers comes out in like a an half hour.

THAT'S why work is going to suck today.

I'm glad you like it, because of all the times i've worked in restaurants, I absolutely hated it. Always got stuck doing 10 different jobs, with the same pay.

It's actually not much like a restaurant job at all. It's all very straightforward work, which is what I appreciate about it. Even if you end up missing somebody that day as well, it's not hard to compensate for that loss since you have plenty of time to get everything prepared. It's very lenient.

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