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Signature Grab Bag

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The rules for this are simple, I will enter a random "water marked" signature every once and a while. And the first person to claim it in the right format will get their name typed on it. I will check on this thread daily for claims. Once someone has claimed a signature I will PM them the one with their name on it. If you claim a signature once it has been claimed by another person I will just Ignore it. To pick a font go to and link me a font.

The format for claiming a signature

Name:(Your name here)

Signature:(Signature you want here)

Font:(Font you want here)

Format Example


Signature:The Mirrors Edge one



I will not take signature requests, so don't bother posting them.

If you do not follow the format your request will be ignored.

If you want a quote or writing other than your name please say so.

"The Grab Bag"


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you would get so many more requests for your custom sigs if you made them castle crasher related...people would be fighting over them

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1st sig looks ok.

2nd sig need work. it looks like you just took a render from Hellboy and a picture of fire, feathered the fire and stuck your render in the the picture and called it a sig.

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