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My Orange Knight work (thats been copied all over the intern

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Ah, thanks. I'm Canadian, our second language is French, not Spanish :P

What wrong in that is that,that guy made 2 dif post saying that it was his work,tho it's 2 different deviant art user.. :?

That knight ---> VergilDemon

The other thread he made the pic was made by

another user

check out the link..>castle_crashers_by_azured666noob<---.jpg

And by the way...

tu parle francais toi? :o

Un petit peu. J'ai parle du francais au mal (as evident in that terrible string of words).

now, let us all bow our heads in shame that this individual has stooped to a new low...

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:ugeek: Tsk Tsk Tsk. 1 Question. Why would you try to steal someones art and claim it your own? I hate people like you man they make me so freakin mad! You better explain yourself! You might get sued for this. I hope dan and all of us taugh you a good leason.

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