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Funiest moment in AH

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This game is utterly hilarious, from the Fat Kid wherever he shows up, to characters freaking out, to dancing, to little things in the background, I still laugh even after playing it for so long.

But I'd have to say my top favorite humorous moments were:

The intro with the FBI agents taking the ship.

Seeing people getting blown out of their cars in 1-2.

The Fat Kids jumping rope.

When the FBI agents are bullying the Fat Kid.

Seeing the robot in 1-4 run over that one FBI agent.

When the three Fat Kids are taking down the helicopter with wrenches.

Seeing Boris (the Russian leader) try to throw a Russian at the Alien.

The Russians having a satellite that shoots lasers (Cold War reference)

Seeing Boris get grabbed by the giant hawk and dropped in front of the saw.

The scene with the friendly alien that tries to shake your hand at the end of 3-1.

The original ending:

But of all those, I'd have to say my top favorite moment was when Boris got attacked by that bird. Priceless.

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