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what program did you do this in?

Probably flash lol...

there are many flash programs, ive used a few and they seem different.

I'd be inclined to say Flash CS3 or CS4, but contrary to what you might think, they all do the same thing in the basic animation department, it's really just the develpment tools that are being constantly updated, AS3 for instance. Although CS4 does have some cool new stuff like inverse kinetics and pseudo-3D.

And an idea for a name for the be-antlered racoon? I'd have to go with Droolicus.

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Aha, I had tried posting something on the subject, but the topic was closed... :oops:

It went something like this.. :)

I'll just throw in this suggestion to the mix and hope the batter comes out well ( :D ), looks powerful, perhaps "Buffalo Stag?", but you, at The Behemoth are the head chefs, your pick. :arrow:

But this morning I was thinking :idea: , "Staggy" maybe

I mean you know Staggy the boyscout killer or something. Ahaha. :lol:

SO it'll be kinda funny ya know, looks like a forest monster, am I wrong :?: ^^

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gonna post something with this monster soon.



the animated gif wasn't working until i posted on the devblog. weird. runs slow-mo in IE.

that would be cool if that was on the loading screen of Game #3 :D

how about Foamy or Chimera?

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