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Least favorite stage?

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i have to say

1. lava world hate the long travel and anoying bosses :roll:

2. desert level OMG why is it so long dude it's so retarded ( my bad Dan :( ) the level just makes me bored.

3.full moon O M G the level makes think insane mode is scary :(

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Two least favourite stages: Corn boss is my least favourite, then Full moon.

Corn boss because he is very repetetive like most bosses, but the MOST repetetive. All he does is spin and pop up. Then Full Moon. I don't know why I just don't like it.

My favourite is Barbarian Boss because I just kill him easy to get money.

Edit: I forgot Lava World. That is my third least favourite. So long...

I know the whole game is kind of repetetive when I say the Corn Boss is repetetive…

But really… It is really boring. I mean even though all you do throughout the game is attack people it is still fun and you unlock new combos. But the Corn Boss… So Boring…

Plus… most games are repetetive.

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Thieve's forest is annoying; I hate thieves. But I hate Lava World. Wedding crash is decent, but the Groom is SO HARD TO BEAT, and the fact that I end up having to keep on repeating the level makes it really frustrating to me.

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