Will Recolor for Food:Jugg4n4ut's Official Art Thread-57000

What do you think of my recolors and edits?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of my recolors and edits?

    • Awesome! Keep it up!
    • Pretty good.
    • Not bad, needs improvement.
    • Just stop it, NOW!!!
    • I herd j00 liek mudkipz?
    • ????
    • PROFIT!

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Ha :!: Jugg4n4ut your back. I thought you had left for good.

i try to come here frequently, the airforce takes up quite a bit of my time. omega knight, im almost done with yours, as i said airforce is quite time-consuming. ive also started workin on the deadpool ninja, tho im not sure wat ur askin for with the cult minion

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also on a side note, hot damn over 40000 views for this thread. at this rate, i just might reach 100000 views by the end of this year, tho i doubt it lol. if i do, imma have to do a very special drawing for the event

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So an update. Im going to be getting out of the military here within 2 months due to medical reasons. The medical issues is one of the reasons why i havent been so frequent on here, as well as how demanding my job in the military is (Intel). The guud news out of all of this is that I will have ALOT more free time to work on requests, free-hand drawings, the comic strip, original art, and various other things(like making dubstep, cuz yes i love dubstep and it's mainstream now so i figured what the hell). In other words, look forward to many updates to this thread. As always, thanks to everyone for the support and keeping this the most viewed thread on the Fan Art section of the Behemoth Forums.

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im also thinking about starting some sort of donation drive or somethin so i can get a Cintiq WX tablet. those things are redonkulously expensive

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