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Doodling. These were done a long time ago. Some before I started playing Castle Crashers, and a few from soon after playing it for the first time :P So I've had these images on my computer for a while now, so I thought I'd actually get round to posting them tonight. Sorry for the bad quality, my camera is terrible

Et' Viola:
FLCL Tribute:


Sonic's head:


Castle Crashers scene:[spoiler

CC style doodle (attempt #1):

CC style doodle (attempt #2):

CC style doodle (attempt #3):

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The maximum time I spent on one of these is about 5 minutes, which was the Castle Crashers scene. I have whole pages filled with doodles in my notebook, and they only take about half an hour to fill, fully.

I haven't done anything like these in a long time though, with school and everything before I finished. Id do some right now but this week has been dedicated to sorting out my room :lol:

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