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Lost all items/orbs/weapons. Think I know why. Devs, read.

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Well I've been playing CC for the past week and collected all orbs and weapons available in the game. Three days ago, there was a near-brand new 360 with a couple games for sale on Craigslist for 125 so I jumped on it and picked it up (I'm a sucker for great deals).

I set up the new 360 (completely formatted) in my PC room and got it up and running. Loaded up my Gamer Profile from my memory card (I keep my gamer profile on my memory card at all times because it makes it easier when playing on other 360s) then proceeded to DL Castle Crashers on the new 360. When I loaded up the game, I noticed that all my characters were at level 1 so I exited out immediately to prevent the game from saving. I erased CC off the HD on the new one and headed over to my original 360.

On my original 360, I copied over the entire CC game onto my memory card and took it over to the new 360 (to see if maybe there was SOME data saved onto the actual file). I booted up the new 360, signed in to my profile, launched CC (from my mem card), and checked to see if my data was restored. All my levels were back to how they should be.... however... when I began to play, I noticed that all my weapons/orbs/items/money had disappeared. Bleh. I've heard of it before from posts online so I as much as it sucked, I was just happy I had my levels back. I continued to play so my data was saved this way and when I went back to the original 360, I was still missing all my stuff.

So I proceeded to try out all sorts of different configurations to see what the problem was and I basically have it boiled down to this.

1. On my original 360, whether I launch CC from the memory card or from the hard drive, it doesn't matter, my levels/items remain in tact.

2. On my new 360, if I launch the game from the memory card (with no CC data on the hard drive), my levels remain but my items and such dissapear.

3. On my new 360, if I launch the game from the hard drive (with no CC data on the memory card), I'm at level 1 and all my items are gone.

4. Here's the interesting thing though... in regards to 3 and 4. On the new 360, regardless of whether I launch the game from the HD or the memory card, while I'm at the title screen, if I sign out of my Gamer Profile and sign back in, everything works as it should! What that tells me is that there's some sort of weirdness DRM issue going on.

The DRM issue explains why some people have mentioned taking their HD over to their friends house to play CC and experience all sorts of weird stuff.

For those that don't know. when you download a title on XBLA, the content is linked to the serial number of your console so if you play it on a different console and it's not connected to XBL, you will not be allowed to play it. If you do have a net connection to XBL however, it'll play just fine so long as the profile that purchased it is signed in.

So for now on, when I play on the new 360 I'll just have to remember to sign out and in whenever I wanna play CC (kinda weird, but that's how it goes). When I play on the original 360, I won't have to do anything different.

Still sucks that I have to go through and get all the stuff all over again, but I wasn't planning on giving CC a rest anytime soon so it's fine. At least I know how to get around the whacky DRM problem.

Hope the devs and other community members can find this useful.

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"Weirdness DRM issue" Why am I not surprised? This all worked like a dream, until you had to change things around to work the Microsoft way, right? Last minute change to please the powers that be, not enough time to test, everything goes into the crapper, maybe? Been there, done that.

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