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What you have just said is an impossible statement, for in order to win the game, you must neglect the game's existence altogether. That means you can hear about, read about, or think about the game to win.

In short: You have just created an impossible situation.

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Hey, comp0, we need to play a game of Halo sometime, so I can snipe a Microsoft Employee :D

Sure,but be warned,I have nothing to do all day,so I can get pretty good.

I believe I am the same rank/level as you,I am a level 42 colonel grade 3.

I've had the game since it came out,so I have had much time to play,even with my 1600 or so EXP,which is low these days.

Oh btw,I win.

Well, I started a year or so after the release of Halo 3, at nearly 2500 EXP, Rank 42 Force Colonel, and can be very deadly with a sniper.

Had a game last night, 23 kills, 2 deaths, +21 k/d spread. was doing so good I literally carried my team.

I'm pretty sure I can take you on :P

Oh, and now I'm winning.

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