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Brute Magic is Epic...

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I maxed out Brute's magic, as he's awesome. Vines from the ground, Acorns of Doom, And a spring-vine for magic is pretty sweet. All of these spells actually DO something to those mages in the Wizard's Castle. But I literally never expected what was to come!

I get to the Painter Boss with him at around level 23-24, with the maxed magic, some in defense and agility, and a tiny bit in strength. I used the Beholder (+2 Magic) and the Brute's sword (+3 Defense and Strength, chance of critical)

Paintings die within seconds after around 3-5 full-hit splashes of vines, and the painter takes so much damage from it. It was insane! I mean, after his third time coming down after destroying paintings, he's at around 1/4 health left. So I wasted him.

Go to Cyclops Boss, encounter #2.

WAY wasted him. He only got to let his undead buddy out of the coffin once. He almost got a second time off, but I killed him before he finished shooting fireballs at me.

I never used my weapon the entire time.

So, out of curiosity, how many people want to use a Brute after reading this?

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Guest WhalesOnStilts

I can kill the Painter before he gets out the carrot with max magic Fencer. :lol:

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Guest QFC
Its the same for the Industrialist... same things, its insane

Your telling me. Talk about overkill with the sawblades. I think I'm going to get the brute today.

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