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yes because scorpion is really good at chess

Why does apple juice have apples in it

P.S twilight vampires sparkle in it ,which is GAY.

And your pretty damn good at M.K

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because a white black guy traveled to Libya and took a dump on the french toast owned by Harold the great cheese wheel after he melted. later on the black white guy went to the doctor for a prostate exam and had accidental diarrhea while it was happening and the doctor almost swallowed the full apple that came out of the white black guy's butt. the doctor coughed up the apple licked off the rest of the diarrhea on his face and said sir you have asspple syndrome. to this very day his butt is stuck to a tube that dispenses his apples in to apple juice. he is now a purple sheep.

my question is:

why do monks use their bald heads as floor polishers?

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