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Hardest Boss?

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The damn power outlets used to be a huge problem for me. At this point, I'm not having nearly as much trouble with them, so I'd have to say that some of the hardest bosses are:

Pudding Boss (not that hard overall, but he's pretty hard compared to the other bosses in the Urban levels)

Frog Boss (fortunately, he doesn't have that much life)

Russian Bears

The tractor on the train (second one)

Boris is kinda hard

The final boss (obviously)

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computer boss where you have to do a puzzle :twisted:

All you have to do is do what he tells you to do, remember, then he is cake. ;)

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i've been kinda decieved by bosses on normal mode.but there you go:

-easy:pudding boss.he is not that hard after all...

russian bears.only took one continue out of me.

that electric thing on 3/2.when you get the technic,it becomes easy...and boing as well.

russian frog.seriously?way too easy.

-medium:those tractors on the trains.yeah,these are a bit annoying,the first one is the worst.

boss on the road in 1/ need a tactic for that.

space in russia.damn,i didn't loose in this level,but this was really hard,especially for the giant masher.

-1337:3/3 giant robot.especially when there is an invincible soldier at the same time (happened to me).i lost like 5 times on this

beefy alien.duh.what a fight!

boris.he is medium,but his death is what i call 1337.

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I will help people out at this moment. Not trying to brag the final boss isn't that hard if you have a good stratagy. Even on hard. The power outlits just conserves of jumping and shoorting down. Finnaly the pudding boss is just stay down and hold fire.

Unfourtnly I still die from that green guy in 3-3 all the time. He isn't the eyeball guy the big robot that you have to destroy in every weapon spot :twisted:

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