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End Boss Stragedy?

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ya ive been tryin to do the headchomp one on 1-3 but i always get f'd over...really annoyin when it happens lol

I kept trying to do it on the urban level at first, but I ended up doing it in the Russian episode.

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for me, i start by killing FBI agents to get a good wepon (either rapid fire or spread shot)

when fighting him for the first time

i stay on the platforms at the far left or right jump, charge up a shot, jump when he comes to knife you, when he jumps up on the platform to get you, keep shoting

second one is obvius charge up a shot jump through the platforms and shot when its fully charged run to the left/right when he stops trying to burn you jump up on the platform and keep shoting him, then get to the middle

when the granades drop jump on the platform and keep shoting him then just try and avoid the bullets

final bit, just try and keep the plane straight and keep shoting at him

when he blows off the wings just keep jumping over him

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Ok , you can't glitch it anymore, and unless you're an balloon who wants to depatch, you might need a guide. I'll detail how to beat him without losing 7 lives, getting you the achievement.

Part one: This is EASILY the hardest part. He can knife you, shoot you, throw grenades, and jump on your head.

If he runs toward you, get up on the platforms and jump over him. If you touch the platform over him jump again within a half second of landing and his knife will miss.

Stay on the ground when possible as this increases the chance he will set it on fire, that is he easiest time to damage him.

If he jumps on your head face away from the nearest wall, giving you time to jump away when he does a followup.

If he stands still and fires, DODGE THE SHOTS. These are aimed, not prescripted. Don't start firing as you'll die.

It is acceptable to die 3-4 times here.

Part two: The ship. This is easy, just stand under the platforms when the lasers are too close, and when he stops firing run to the edge of the screen. When he fires the first pink laser run back to one of the central gaps, and after the second jump up on the platform. He will destroy the platforms with grenades. At this point start running left while firing, once you reach the edge roll right and start running right etc.

It is acceptable to die once here.

3: Another fight.This is also easy, just keep shooting and jump over him when he runs at you. When he starts firing from one side just dodge the bullets until he starts running again.

WHEN THE CHOPPERS APPEAR DO NOT ATTACK THEM. Continue to fight the boss, he kills the choppers on his own eventually. Fighting them is just a distraction. When they are dead, unload all grenades on the boss, and jump over him when he knife rushes you. If he starts firing, again, dodge shots rather than attacking.

It is acceptable to die twice here.

This will take you down to a 0 beside your lives meter, don't worry you still haven't continued.

Thanks for reading, correct any mistakes you find.

This is pasted from my own guide on It's how I got perfect fight so using it you should be able to kill him on any difficulty.

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