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Problems with 3 relics

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I haven't seen this posted yet so here goes. I noticed a problem/inconsistency with obtaining the 3 relics in online co-op games.

The Compass: When any player picks it up in a co-op game every player in the room gets it added to their inventory.

The Telescope: Only the player that touches it gets it added to their inventory.

The Wheel: Only the person hosting the session gets it added to their inventory regardless of who walks through the door first after defeating the boss.

Shouldn't all 3 relics be like the compass where every player in the room gets the relic when 1 player touches it?

Another problem seems to occur as a result this as well. If you play a co-op game where it wasn't possible to get all 3 relics for yourself due to the problems listed above, then you go to defeat the final boss on your own you won't unlock any characters (if applicable) and you won't have the skull for that character in char select despite having completed the Industrial Castle and Lava World already in co-op. You have to run through them again to obtain the relics then defeat the final boss again.

I hope this was helpful.

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Noticed the same thing happens with the horn. The person who gets the killing blow gets the horn, but everyone else also gets the horn until the game ends. After that, they have to go get it again, but not the person who got the killing blow.

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