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GIANT Fresh Point Contest!!!

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Hi, as the Admin/CEO/Founder/Creator of Fresh Points I feel that until I have the system up and running i must entertain in another way...


So this one is a random contest....You post something awesome MADE BY YOU. Flash movie, picture, animation,game...anything APPROPRIATE MADE BY YOU.

Winner gets...100 FPs!!!


Vote by PM, copying the post and name of OP to me.

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Moving to Forum Games, will post picture later.

Here's a Death Knight I drew back when I was interested in WoW.

WoW lol....Awesomeness has arrived.

Your gonna be tough to beat!

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I made this one for clock day XD

This one is just random lazily animated crap

This one WAS supposed to be in a collab, But I don't think ever be finished.

And this was my first ever animation that was over 30 seconds ... -of-lolz-1 ... -of-lolz-2

And those are the first 2 comics in my series "th Ppl of Lolz"

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