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Anyone else scared to move?

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Its 12:30 PM here, I've lost faith in anything happening. No, pink knight, no codes, nothing. I got a Football game to play in later so I can't be around much longer anyway.

.. :( .......... :( ..


... :(:(:(:( ...

:( ............... :(

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They are based in San Diego.The forum time is their time I believe,so just wait.

If Behemoth was a regular business,they would be in the office by now,but they are not a regular business,and it is not an office.It is a kitchen.

A few months ago,I was going to send them a refrigerator with the note:

"For use with game making.Have fun. -Comp0"

But,that'd be too much money for across the country fridges. :lol:

oh omg i thought forum mods were part of there staff but ur just a regular everyday normal mothafuker (if u dont get the joke dont bother about it)

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Guest Spade103
mwhahahahaha! i have such plans! working on the dev blog post now. stay tuned party crashers.....! :lol:




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