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.* Fourm FIghter Arena*.

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Welcome, Battle Here and Gain Exp,money and Level The heck up!

Here you will Learn How to fight and fight. Have fun


Fighting is like so

Say 2 guys wanted to fight so they started fighting.

Gimli and Jordan

Gimli and Jordan play rock paper Szissors

2 out of 3 on the fourm To see Who goes first.

(if its a com You go First)

Gimli wins so Jordens secund

(before a battle it is necessary to pick 3 or less

wepons and 7 or less items) Gimli posts

I will use my axe,10 damge done

Jordan: k im down to 40 hp

Then the battle goes on as so, Eventuley...It could go like this...

Jordan Hu yah My samurai knife swing for a Total of

70 damage. Gimli: now were tied with 20 hp each.

What now? I dont know, hmmm well lets read battles 2

...*Battles 2*...

Deathmatches, Say both players were left with the same hp

what hapens? a deathmatch, both players are sent straight to

1 Hp each.The first person to post saying PWN in pure caps

Wins the deathmatch and is declared winner of the normal battle.

winning.... Gimli I won the deatmatch!

GImli:Gains 20 Exp, 70 Msz and wait.....

Leveling up,....... shakeing, gimli is now level 20 congrats!

Thank you next subject COMS.

...*COM battles*...

K say No ones on, You wanna battle, and Im online?

You can choose battle a com.

Coms are controlled by me. And me only.:3

Or other npcs, once you reach level 50 You have a choice to be 1.

(you gotta ask me) You can request a leveled comso its not random.

That can help at points were you dont wanna take a chance

Battling comes other then the above is the same.

if im not online sorry.....Oh, Of you ran into here by acciedent, go to sign up.

And visit the shop, Theres Limitid items Up!

Requesting battles with me or other npcs is allowed.

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