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I'm dropping out, I don't visit here often enough to play. Simple as that, really :P

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Name: it's obvious

test subject: 3.78781




Ldr:? (i'm normally the quiet type so i don't know :cry: )





EDIT:all this is on scale of 1 to 5

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well from the looks of it this game never took off so i will now give secret info of this game only known by me and guru:

PM From: CastleCrashingGuru

About: S.A.F.E The Flash Game


Alright, here it is:

You are a test subject within the cold, dark confines of the now-abandoned facility of Sky Patch Laboratories. It's been more than twenty years since you have even been out of your chamber, since METIS (the omnipotent robotic taskmaster of the facility) has cryogenically frozen you in your sleeping chamber, but you have just recently been unfrozen.

Your mentality is still stuck in the 80s, at the time when you were frozen, but times have certainly changed from then. All of the camera monitors you can see in your chamber are devoid of any scientists, and you have a sense of suspicion about it.

The game begins after the intercom goes on. It's METIS, telling you that the security parameters of the facility have been breached, and has put you on lockdown until the source can be identified. Until then, METIS instructs you (the player) to get onto your chamber computer to start S.A.F.E., a simulation that he says will find a safe route for your escape from the labs.

The mysterious security breacher is tracking you, however, and you can expect to receive a fair share of cryptic and disturbing messages that bypass the simulation at times.

Hope that answers everything. If you'd like to know anything else (History of the labs, more stuff about METIS, etc), just PM me and I'll make sure to get back to you ASAP. I'm trusting you with this project, so don't disappoint me!

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