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Weapons specific to characters not unlocking

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well just the other day i was unfortunate enough to come across the data loss bug and lost all my weapons and everything so as i went back to unlock all the weapons again, i had to play as some characters to get there weapon in the weapons frog, for example, u need to play as the peasent to unlock the spoon weapon. well, i have played with the peasent quite a few times, as well as the Brute (because i need his weapon also) and the weapons are not unlocking for me again, and i have reset the stats on both of the characters as well. aaand thats my problem for ya :!::D

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You may have luck by resetting the character, going out with the default weapon, and then picking up another weapon "on the field", if you will.

For example, take your Level 1 Default Peasant to the Thieves' Forest, go up to the first treasure chest which drops the Meat Tenderizer.

Pick up the Tenderizer with X, which should drop the Spoon.

Pick up the Spoon with X.

This should unlock the Spoon inside the Weapons Frog.

I haven't tried this myself, though I need to. I'm guessing it will work, unless he doesn't get his weapon back when you re-set him to default.

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