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xi skull rain xi

section 8 is it a cool or is it stupid?

section 8 rating 1-10  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. section 8 rating 1-10

    • 10- great game made of greatness
    • 9- super game but not the best
    • 8- its a good game but 2 points from being the best
    • 7- its up there with some good games but didn't quite make the cut
    • 6- its 1 point above average which is ok
    • 5- its ok but not that ok
    • 4- its worth renting but not buying
    • 3- its pretty bad for a game
    • 2- i would rather go back in time then play this
    • 1- *shoots self in head*thats what i rather do then play this

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section 8 so far ive only played the demo but im pretty impressed with it so far the maps are huge, call on turrets to defend bases, cool heavy armor and tanks to just destroy your enemies, and cool abilities.what more could you ask for but there might be some things you think they might need to improve on like the fact that people are able to run around a corner and like run away with so little ease.still like its pretty cool how you can run at like 50 mph and land on people from a super high spaceship or something, oh and also the ability to customize your stats and equipments is pretty rad. :D any ideas whats somethings they might have in the actual game :D

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