List of Music and where to get it

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Current ZIP File [97.24 MB] of these songs and more




Zipped files do not contain Barbarian War and Home Castle. You must download these separately.

Unzipped folder of all songs (contains some not on the ZIP)


What's this about?


This thread is the list of music from the game, Castle Crashers. It's been compiled and stuffs for you so you can just plop it on your iPod or on a CD...or something.

grafkhun from the gamespot forums has found almost all the songs. I'm posting most of it here (with a few additions) so everyone can see the list (reorganized) as well (thanks grafkhun and helpers).



If you like a certain song, don't forget to rate it on!

If your song isn't in this list, check the unzipped folder, it has a few ripped songs that are not on this list (the world map for instance).

If you want a download of a specific song that's been pre-compiled for an OST, check the unzipped folder.

Also, Ice Castle (get it in the Zip or Unzipped folder) is the same song as the Stealing the Crystal theme.



The following list is all the music in Castle Crashers from Newgrounds (with the exception of 3 continuously requested songs). Songs by the Behemoth are in the unzipped folder and most are ZIP'd file. Check there before you ask for a song.

==Party Music before game actually starts==

Castle Crashers Barracks tune (this is the party song at the beginning of the game) [Thanks to danp]:


Opening Title Screen:

Online Menu:


Home Castle:

Barbarian War:

Forest Entrance:

Thieves Forest:

Abandoned Mill Chase:

Cave song:

Wedding Crash Hallway/Flowerly Field/Industrial Castle Interior/Full Moon:

Industrial Castle Exterior/Snow World:

Parade/Tall Grass Field:

Lava World:

Pirate Ship:

Desert Stage [Thank you brujagio]:



Barbarian Boss [Thanks DarkMage]:

Forest Troll Boss/Painter Boss Theme:

Catfish/Corn boss:

(The correct track number is 24 if you want to have up to date album info)

Ice Wizard/Industrial Castle Boss:

Flying Black Knight (Necromancer) Fight [Thank you -Rikuku-]:


Blacksmith and Shop Theme [Thank you Xeiros]:

Arena Theme:

End of level:

Credits Song [Thanks to danp]:

(I know this isn't actually the credits song, but I don't want to spoil anything [it is the final song in the game]).

==Additional music==

=The links for these are in the unzipped folder. Look for them=

Alien Ship

Sand Castle Interior & Roof

Volleyball Theme (low quality [i'll do a better rip sometime in the future, maybe])

Medusa's Lair

Ice Castle

Main Map Theme

Massive Treasure Chest theme

Album Art


The ZIP file contains some album art. However, if you want CD covers or alternative art, check out Kuroiryuu's post.

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And another missing song.

Winter Level:

Painter Boss Theme:

Still missing the river theme and the catfish boss song.


We actually have the winter level. It's called Snow World.

And the Painter Boss theme is the same as another song. I've added that info in.

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I'm still looking for the opening the mega chest theme.

I can't for the life of me find the river song or the catfish song. We are also missing the song that plays when you fight the seige engine, the final boss, the party theme and the map theme.

I wish all this stuff was easier to find...


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just submitted a couple missing ones, as i had never actually put them into the audio portal until now:

Opening Barracks Tune



Needs more mega chest opening, though.

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We don't have the song for the Barbarian War, the one I have up there is the one for the Barbarian boss.

If anyone finds these songs let me know.


Actually, that's the War you linked me to. Not the boss. The boss has a different song.

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This is Barbarian war: The barbarian level ... re=related the barbarian boss

Give it a listen.

Here is a updated list of music we are missing...

The Catfish Boss Song:

The River song:

The Wizard's Theme:

Medusa's Lair (I think swampland got mixed up for this one):

Treasure Chest Theme:

Volleyball Theme:

Alien Ship:

Final Boss:

Map Theme:

Seige Engine/Battering Ram Theme:


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