List of Music and where to get it

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I'd actually love to be able to import these into Soul Calibur 4. Would work well with my Castle Crasher custom characters. However, unfortunately you can only use downloaded music from the PS3 Store. :(

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hey all. my favorite track is "Online Menu" and i noticed that it was just a phrase (meaning the length of the track is only 1:16) of the in-game music, so i decided to do some editing to it:

1. decoded the original .mp3 to .wav

2. cropped the beginning and ending silence

3. applied a mastering filter to boost the overall sound level

4. extended the length to ~3:12 (copy/paste)

5. re-added a clean beginning silence (~0.2 sec, so the beginning of the track doesnt get cut off by your media player)

6. applied a fade out at the end, over the last 8 bars

7. re-encoded the edited .wav to .mp3

it was way too short for me to keep putting on repeat and i'm sure there are others who feel the same way too.

check it out, an extended version of "Online Menu"

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Thanks for putting up those songs! I am not too technical really but I can just simply download them onto my computer and then drag it into my itunes library, right?

I use this on my Zune.


[Edit] I misunderstood your question.

That is a beast album cover! Is there a bigger image of that?

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Guest Kuroiryuu

This is my first time posting on these forums, and I decided to create a full cd cover and label set using art and fanart from around the site. Please tell me what you think.

Album Cover: ... ontra0.jpg

Back Cover: ... acknq0.jpg

CD Label (Red Knight): ... verto7.jpg

CD Label (Blue Knight): ... luewi7.jpg

CD Label (Orange Knight): ... ngekw8.jpg

CD Label (Green Knight): ... eensz4.jpg

Edit: I corrected some mistakes on the Back Cover, and added the alternate covers for the CD itself. Now you can pick your favorite Knight!

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There's a lot of music missing, and a lot of people aren't satisfied with game rips. Personally I'm okay with them as long as they don't have any sound effects in them. When I get deeper into the Castle Crashers data I might see if I can get the music out of it. If I manage to I'll probably let you guys have it. After all what's the point of hard work if no one is going to appreciate it. I'll also share the images I extract if the sprite component packs aren't released (which I hope they are).

Anyway, awesome job putting together what you already have. It takes some work to find sources like that.

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