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2 glitches I ran into today.

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First one will be short and undescriptive because it happened randomly and I wasn't paying attention when it did. Me and my friend were playing online, and we finished a level, I don't remember which. but at the end all it showed was the screen as if I leveled up, but I was level 0 and all my stats were 0. It was froze at that screen and I had to hit start and Exit game. Thankfully when we started up the next game, my data was all there.

Second glitch was at the end of Snow World where you find the Yeti. i had just used the Horn to get BiPolar, and I was running around and somehow I glitched inside the building. I could walk around basically outside of the invisible boundries, I could even walk on the sky. I couldn't figure out how to get back into the level so we had to exit to map.

Just a couple things I've ran into that I don't know are common glitches or not. Love the game btw, can't wait for that patch to love it even more :D

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