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Mine is better!

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This is a game where you fight with pictures.

What you do is:

Try to find a picture better than the previous poster's picture in a certain category.

Every ten posts, the tenth poster has to change the category.


Mine's scarier! Angel_of_death.jpg

No, MINE'S SCARIER! Death_by_lady_murder.jpg

And so on...

Let me start:

Mine's more colorful!


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'Wham!' quite literally:


Mine contains more 80's; mine's better.

And for fun:


My post contains more warning than yours did, Mister Gummy. ;)

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My speed limit sign contains more variety, being in KM/h, and containing tank speed limits. Mine's better.

(This image was taken in Germany, by-the-by, so I guarantee it's in KM/h.)

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