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Abyssmal Cookie

A Cookie's Art From The Abyss

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(Yay first thread. =D )

Well, I've been messing around with drawing on the computer. It appears many others have as well. So...this thread is for my art. :D

Please don't spam, be very rude when critizing, or...what ever else the rules say. So, please follow forum rules. :lol:

Ok, onto the art.... 8-)



Kinda bugs me how some are pixelated a bit.

sl4b3l.jpg My first few. :P

2n8o65e.jpg I think it looks like the Punisher a way. :|

2nu13lk.jpg Don't ask why there are so many necromancer ones... :| I was bored.

25jfj7n.jpg Looks kinda cool, imo.

30hlc8g.jpg Moar. :D


Random Things:

fjnak7.jpg You :arrow: Pie! :D

6tllqg.jpg Yay for 6k+ posts! :) Also, it's a thanksgiving hat because at the time of creation it was near thanksgiving :P

Inspired art:


This would be me as a south park character...Well, I tried. :P


This would be a Gary B. Picture styled in an Uncle0wnage/Dan P. style. Gary B. is the "numa numa guy" if you don't know him by name...I use this for the song on itunes. :lol:


This is my rushed attempt to make a Scatman John one. I was making it for the songs on itunes I have. Looking on it now, it looks like a guy in a tux. :lol:


Ok..this was made for the Avatar Hybrid thingy...and I also wanted to make my own knight. :lol: I may redo it.


Ok...I redid the Knight thing..kinda. Except it's a whole new knight in general. :P

The Abyssmal Knight


72t6gw.gif For Roflcopter :P


34ew3v9.jpg Was for Roflcopter, but fel made a better one. Sides...I don't really like this one. :lol:


30rtqvm.pngGiant Chicken for Fel.

34zxfue.pngGiant Chicken and a FelKnight for Fel.



1531e1j.jpg Canti from Fooly Cooly :|

2mxlon9.jpg A robot town. Inspired by Zugama :P

24l6e10.jpg Left 4 Dead 2 stuff....did this in school from memory.


357lgzq.jpg It's an inside joke :lol:

2eoz8n4.jpg People flying on a crystal headed to a Behemoth convention, seeing movie posters. :P

20zr7l5.jpg Tyndras and Fel, styled like Avatars.

2ponlg0.jpg A hand-drawn blob. It's blurry :(

e0k5yt.jpg A Babbity Rabbity thing. :|

15qddt0.jpg Zugama and Claykid. Zugama's creation's head with mario stuff. Claykid's Avatar with snow.

2hzsizm.jpg Fat Kid and Alien Hominid styled avatar things. :P

I'll add more later. Please post your thoughts and such. :)

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You have a point. In that case you must... challenge him to a duel on...! And if he cheats or loses he gets shunned from art threads for a week :evil: .

If he wins you have to recite the following:

"I would just like everyone to know, that I suck. And that I'm a girl. And I like ribbons in my hair, and I want to kiss all the boys."

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Darn, right when I finish the sig I was working on, fel started. :lol: Ah well. :P


I just wanted to show what I made. I'd feel better if you used what fel made. :|

Sides, her's looks a lot better. :D

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Well...if you mean get the image to put in the sig, then you right click the image, go to properties, copy the url thing, and go to the ucp. Then the sig place, and put it in these things. -> Right.Here Tada :D

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Yay. :lol: Finished the avatar. If you don't like it, I can redo it. :|


Holy carp its awsum :lol: . I like the random explosion of the house. How long did that take you to do :shock: .

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Thanks :D

Anybody have any ideas of other things to make? :|

A giant chicken.

Btw, you does requests? Make me FelKnight hugging a giant chicken? :D

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