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Jugg4n4ut's Drawing Thread *BLARGH*

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ello ello fellow drawers of the castle crashers community. since i have a thread in the fan art section, i figured

i'd make one in here, since i do draw more than just castle crashers stuff

i also do request in this thread as well

here's is a sample of my work. this is a series of drawings ive started, tht i hope to expand to a large amount

Wolverine ... verine.jpg

Left 4 Dead Smoker ... Smoker.jpg

Solid Snake ... awing2.jpg

The Comedian ... awing3.jpg

Link ... awingI.jpg

Rorschach ... icI001.jpg

Ghost Rider ... nRPicI.jpg

Kratos ... eceipt.jpg

this is also 4 character models i decided to draw one day for no reason ... 040642.jpg ... 040644.jpg ... 040645.jpg ... 040647.jpg

Zombie Pac-Man ... ac-Man.jpg

(been debating on whether or not i want to take these images i drew and go over them in photoshop, input would be great from ppl looking at these)

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Can you draw gir with a huge laser-rocket-thing and shooting it at a scarab with a chicken hat on his head?

gimme 5 mins, and he'll be done and uploaded on here

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The poke dudes seem like an idea that could go somewhere but you need to a little more detail to them, make them more original. A few more poses and make them unique. I really like them but polish them. Keep up the great work.

I'm Back Baby!!

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