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EXPERIMENTAL:fatkidise yourself!

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ok,here is the plan,i'm not sure if this should be here or on AH forums,whatever all i need you to do is:

1:tell me what kind of fat kid you want me to make.i can make gliding kids,kids holding bonuses,kid with ice cream,russian kids,etc.

2:tell if you are a boy or a girl (same shirt,different color)

3:tell me what you want as hair/cap.

4:wait for me to send you a prototype.

5:if you like my drawing,then i publish it here.then skip part 6.

6:you don't like it.let's throw it into the trash and start again from part 4

IMPORTANT:idk if i will color it.i may ask tyndras then.

he is turning into a coloring machine!

Can I have a fat kid holding the red laser power up,boy with the hominid head biting me and a save the panda shirt


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let this thread die...he isnt doing this anymore and if he is then he needs to hurry up.

sorry but this is just an old thread

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sorry for my recent's been a long time since i have finished the leprechaun kid.anyway,i can't access your demands now,since i don't have GIMP on this comp...remember to PM me if you absolutely want it done!i won't let this thread die!

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