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Mabelma's Artistic Artsy Art Thread (Leave a reply)

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Sure, I'm a procrastinator and all that but I still get some work done.

Here are some sticker ideas I did yesterday. Today I got the paper so tell me which ones you like the most and I shall stickyfy them also be sure to suggest, critic and just talk.

Damn, I need to do that commission and start doing Afro-ninja before the trial ends.

I thing that the best one for me has to be the mario mushroom in my style, the pipe and the plank throwing the coin upwards.

Stick' Ideas

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Back here, looking for comments. So let's get this started once more.

Remember that tattoo design, well it got done. ... 9_orig.jpg

do not critic the tattoo as it wasn't done by me, I did the design.

Next we have some concept art for a little project that's going back and forth on my mind ... o1_500.jpg ... e19309.jpg ... 4af8e5.jpg ... 4f03bd.jpg

I have a turnaround of the main character if you want to see it let me know so I can scan it and upload it. Also I will draw some in-poses for the character seeing as right now he needs a little life breath into him.Oh wait, here's the turnaround. ... e3dacb.jpg

Below you'll what looks like an unfinished Little Big Planet Sackboy Dressed as IronMan turnaround ... o1_500.png

And for some reason, yesterday I woke up wanting to draw FatBatman ... o1_500.png

not really proud of his hands

Last but not least a little creature I did for a collab back at newgrounds ... a48812.jpg

I have a lot of other stuff laying around so I'll look for that if you want to see it.

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