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I think that they should have a jungle pack featuring:

panda with a bamboo sword toucan, powers of a storm

monkey with a banana sword fights for the jungle, mosquito

tiki warrior with a spear fights against the jungle, black widow

snake with a staff with a snake on both sides fights with the jungle, dinosaur

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With the remaster on the horizon, we can only hope that it will have additional dlc/unlockable characters.  Here's to Pierre the Industrial Prince, the Troll, and possibly the Cupcake from Pit People.

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I think this is a good character idea. I made this idea years ago and I'm just getting around to update it lol;/_/scs/apps-static/_/js/k%3Doz.gapi.en.tkSuTFGbwRs.O/m%3D__features__/am%3DAQ/rt%3Dj/d%3D1/t%3Dzcms/rs%3DAGLTcCMUIS8I0D0mgdZOd0xMQlI3nCHe9Q&iem=3&sview=21&cid=5&soc-app=115&soc-platform=1&spath=/u/1/app/basic/photos/109205882795058957746/album/posts&sparm=cbp%3Dgebk0h8igfqv%26origin%3D;/_/scs/apps-static/_/js/k%253Doz.gapi.en.tkSuTFGbwRs.O/m%253D__features__/am%253DAQ/rt%253Dj/d%253D1/t%253Dzcms/rs%253DAGLTcCMUIS8I0D0mgdZOd0xMQlI3nCHe9Q%26iem%3D3%26sview%3D21%26cid%3D5%26soc-app%3D115%26soc-platform%3D1%26pgpnum%3D1%26spath%3D/u/1/app/basic/stream%26sparm%3Dcbp%253Dk0qlasikkkv6%2526origin%253D;/_/scs/apps-static/_/js/k%25253Doz.gapi.en.tkSuTFGbwRs.O/m%25253D__features__/am%25253DAQ/rt%25253Dj/d%25253D1/t%25253Dzcms/rs%25253DAGLTcCMUIS8I0D0mgdZOd0xMQlI3nCHe9Q%2526iem%253D3%2526sview%253D21%2526cid%253D5%2526soc-app%253D115%2526soc-platform%253D1

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What if instead of having a pet, why not have a soldier follow you like in the flowery fields or like a peasant in the marsh level?? You would be able to choose any character, they'll be able to use magic as well and return to ur side after the enemies are defeated just like bipolar bear or hawkey would. How does that sound?

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Weird DLC Idea:

The Black Knight Bundle!


Black Knight Character(basicly gray knight but black)

Black Sword: +2 Strength +1 Magic +2 Defense -2 Agility

Animal Orb: Skellington increases chances of critical hits.

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I have tons of ideas for characters, pets, and weapons, but these are just a few of them. Some pets and weapons use effects that aren't already in the game; these are just concepts!


This DLC (The forerunners pack) features the forgotten knights and warriors; the fathers of the four knights in Castle Crashers They fought along side BlacksmithKing, the Traveling Salesman, and a few assorted shopkeepers back in the day when they were in their prime years.

The characters in this pack use forgotten and/or lost magic, meaning they're the only people alive in the world who use their magic movesets.



Old Green Knight
  • ​Description: He's a darker green than the Green Knight we all know, but he walks with a staff because his family has a genetic disease that causes them to be slightly crippled. However he developed his own technique for moving around with his staff, and in fact invented his own completely unique form of melee using his staff. He's feared by many in the arenas because his melee is difficult to predict, not to mention exceptionally effective.
  • Melee: By taking advantage of his staff, he can use two weapons at once, holding a sword in his left hand. Sometimes he'll hit twice, but not all the time since he does use the staff for mobility and balance. He can never remove the staff, but he can change his secondary weapon. His melee can do an infinite juggle by just hitting X or Y over and over again. It'll be more effective with XXYY, but that's not necessary.
  • Starting Weapon: Jade Staff; +5 magic 5% poison; A wooden staff painted white with an enchanted green jewels placed on either end of the staff. It can be equipped by other characters, but they can't use it with a secondary weapon. His default secondary weapon is the Thin Sword.
  • Splash Attack: Enhanced Poison Burst; it's essentially Orange Knight's splash attack with acid effects. Because the Jade Staff has +5 magic, if his secondary weapon has +5 or more magic, then he can be the only character in the game to have 8 segments of splash magic at a time, and he'll always have at least 7 segments.
  • Projectile: Poison-Infused Jewel Toss; a hollow green jewel filled with poison flies across the screen. If it deals the final blow to an enemy, or the enemy dies from damage over time, the enemy will drop a green rectangular or triangular jewel. If it deals the final blow to Barbarian Boss, Pipistrello, Cyclops, Corn Boss, Ice King, Painter, or Cyclops 2, then their chest will only drop green jewels.
  • XXXY Combo: Poison Drench
  • Magic Jump: Same as Plumbum Plunderer's but made of green jewels and deals poison damage over time.
Old Red Knight
  • Description: He has complete control of the weather, and he's not afraid to abuse this power.
  • Starting Weapon: Thunderblade; +5 magic -3 defense +7 agility 5% lightning strike; a katana black as midnight with rings of static electricity slowly moving towards the tip as an animation.
  • Splash attack: Enhanced thunderbolt; This is like Red Knight's splash attack, but unlike that, it rains several lightning bolts down from the sky, but it shocks EVERY LAST ENEMY in the area, REGARDLESS OF HEIGHT just like beekeeper. After the stunlock expires, all enemies, whether they were on the ground or not, get forced downward and take fall damage. The one downside is that it doesn't affect bosses, but that's insignificant when taking the projectile into consideration. Staring out the lightning bolts start from thunderclouds close to the ground, increasing range matching red knight's splash length until the final upgrade level when their height is infinite. If he doesn't have the seventh upgrade level, then the height will be finite.
  • Projectile: Lightning infused tornado; a tornado is shot forward like necromancer's kamikaze skeleton from the ground or air, and when it hits, it stunlocks the enemy, hits them 1-7 times with a lightning strike depending on your mana level at the same speed as flaming pillars or vines, and then dissipates. It can hit more than one enemy, but only if they're both in the hit box when it initially hits the enemy. If it's thrown into a boss, it'll hit the boss 7 times. It does base melee damage.
  • Air Projectile: Gust of Wind; Like Saracen's projectile used in the air. It launches enemies to whatever height the player is at.
  • XXXY Combo: on the Y, he'll stunlock all enemies in front of him with a lightning bolt 50% the length of red knights for as long as the button is held.
  • Magic Jump: Cold/Warm Front Collision; Like the advanced form of his projectile, the tornado is significantly larger, and after it hits all 7 times, the enemies are all launched in different directions across the screen and take fall damage. Unlike the projectile, the tornado forms by to wind fronts colliding, which sucks the enemies over to where the tornado is.
Old Blue Knight
  • Description: Unlike his son, he could also control water. (The general idea with the old knights is that they've been fighting so long that they improved and learned new magic for decades longer than their sons). He's a Darker shade of blue than his son.
  • Starting Weapon: Trident; +5 strength +3 magic +5 agility 5% water (for water strike details, see XXXY Combo); a dark iridescent/pearl-blue trident
  • Splash Attack: for 1/3 of his mana bar he can cover the ground with water, which slows the movement of all enemies and players except for Iceskimo (player and NPC), Blue Knight, Plumbum Plumber, and Plumbum Plunderer when under the effects of his splash attack. It also damages enemy Fire Demons, enemy Skeletons, Necrominions, enemy Cultists, Necromancer, and Undead Cyclops for Base Magic Damage/3 twice per second because of water's purifying abilities (it's sort of like how vampires can't touch or consume water). For another 1/3 of his mana, he can freeze the body of water, which freezes all non-boss enemies. It deals base magic damage x 0.5 upon being frozen. Blue Knight, Iceskimo (NPC and Player), and Plumbum Plunderer under the effects of his splash attack won't slide on the ice. For the last 1/3 of his mana he can break the entire body of ice, and send a snow pile (like iceskimo's magic jump) from the ground up below all of the visible enemies and knock them in the air to fall damage height, dealing base magic damage when the enemies are hit by the snow piles.
  • Projectile: shoots a ball of water that freezes enemies, but some water continues flying, and it cand freeze up to 5 enemies before the water depletes. When it deals the final blow to an enemy or boss, then they'll drop blue triangular and rectangular jewels.
  • Air Projectile: Drops a ball of water that when it hits the ground, it freezes all the enemies within the radius of a magic jump hitbox, then 50% of the water bounces forward and does the same upon landing.
  • XXXY Combo: Same as ice, but shoots water forward like the air projectile launched on land, but the projectile creates only does magic damage, not melee.
  • Magic Jump: Leaps up with water that spreads and freezes enemies within twice the range of a normal magic jump's hitbox.
Old Orange Knight
  • Description: The father of Orange Knight, who was raised by Fire Demons, learned lava dragon magic from the fire demons, but added his own twist of fire to it, that his son would later convert into his own 100% fire style. Father Orange's fire magic is totally unique among fire, to the point that it could be considered its own element, especially when considering the devastating power it holds in comparison to normal fire and lava magic. He wears a darker shade of orange than his son.
  • Starting Weapon: Flaming Rapier; +3 strength +5 magic +7 agility 5% Fire Strike; A copper-cobalt alloy rapier with flames surrounding it.
  • Splash Attack: Enhanced Flaming Pillars; Plumes of fire burst from the ground, dealing 14 hits max, dishing out knock back equivalent to alien's laser on a troll to all enemies. Instead of dissipating, the plumes turn into lava, leaving a puddle twice the size of the original splash, which rapidly damages bosses at the same rate as sawblades until it dissapates after 6 seconds. If it touches a beefy, then it'll be like the hot pads from industrial castle + a noob with a sandwich. The splash is so powerful that it deals extreme knockback to fire demons and heavyweights, and deals normal knockback to cultists. It doesn't negate damage resistance however, only knockback. Normal enemies that make contact with the puddle will be falcon punched by the lava into the stratosphere.
  • Projectile: throws a ball of lava forward that leaves a magic jump sized puddle on the ground which launches enemies well beyond the top of the screen on contact, and rapidly damages beefies and bosses until it despawns after 6 seconds. It bounces like a bomb and makes two puddles total.
  • Air Projectile: Uses his splash in the air to catch enemies in juggles.
  • XXXY Combo: a combination of fire and his projectile.
  • Magic Jump: Jumps with fire that turns into lava and spreads to create a puddle and falcon punch enemies for 6 seconds.
Young Blacksmith
  • Description: Back in his prime years, Blacksmith was actually worthy of his DLC description. He originally wore a black tunic, until his prowess earned him the color of purple, which is normally reserved for royalty.
  • Starting Weapon: Bronze Broadsword; +7 Strength +5 defense +2 agility 2% Critical Hit; A large bronze sword normally intended to be wielded with two hands.
  • Splash Attack: Raining Poisonous Frogglets; Several frogglets rain from the sky like bees, and cause poison damage.
  • Projectile: Enhanced Bomb; A bomb that continues bouncing after hitting the ground twice and never blows up unless it makes contact with an enemy.
  • Air Projectile: uses his splash, but the frogglets appear on the ground from a puff of green smoke, and home in on enemies one at a time. They'll give priority to enemies in the air to enhance juggling.
  • XXXY Combo: Non-Elemental + Poison DoT
  • Magic Jump: A frogglet spawns and lifts him up on its tongue, then does a 360 spin, knocking down all enemies it touches. The range of the tounge is dependent on your splash upgrade level, and when maxed it's like Old Blacksmith's splash.
Young King
  • Description: Back when king used to have his youthful dexterity, he was able to perform well in combat. Back when he still had his natural hair color and everything.
  • Starting Weapon: Golden Battle-Axe; +8 strength +3 magic +6 defense 2% Bleedout (see XXXY Combo); Like the weapons from the insane store.
  • Splash Attack: Deathly Fog; This is like the inverse of his splash in his older age, but not exactly; the fog covers the screen deals base magic damage x 0.25 twice per second, and leeches 50% of the damage dealt back to the player's team. The fog covers the entire playing field, and indicates its presence with a translucent green overlay. It stays active for 6 seconds, and can be casted 6 times from a full mana bar. In boss fights it damages bosses at the same rate as red knight (the son).
  • Projectile: Shoots a small ball of condensed fog at enemies that causes poison DoT
  • XXXY Combo: Non-Elemental + Bleedout for BMD x 0.25 and 50% health leech until the enemy dies or takes 1,250 damage.
  • Magic jump: Jumps with Fog that causes the same bleedout effect as his XXXY combo
Traveling Salesman
  • Description: He's not involved with the story much, but he always has some sweet things for you, and has stuff to say.
  • Starting Weapon: Pickaxe; +5 strength -2 defense +5 agility 2% crit; A standard pickaxe with a wooden handle and steel head.
  • Splash Attack: costs his whole mana bar, but randomly spawns 1 potion OR 2 bombs (inactive that gets added to your inventory) OR 2 pieces of fruit PER player.
    • Drop Chances
      • 64% - 2 fruits
      • 32% - 2 bombs
      • 4% - 1 Potion
  • Projectile: Potion toss; Throws a purple health potion at the teammate with the least health and heals 15% of their health. Costs 1/3 of his mana bar.
  • Air Projectile: Tosses 3 bombs (active) in random directions.
  • XXXY Combo: Non-elemental leech; leeches 100% of the damage done back to himself and his team.
  • Magic Jump: Dynamite Blast; leaps up with an explosion as powerful as alien's splash.
Castle Keep Shopkeeper
  • Description: A souped up Civilian; nothing too special.
  • Starting Weapon: Wooden Sword; +1 strength +1 agility; A simple level 6 wooden sword bought from the castle keep store on insane mode.
  • Splash Attack: Enhanced Arrow Rain; Arrows rain in sets of three doing THREE hits per segment for a max of 21.
  • Magic Projectile: Enhanced Dagger Toss; Throws two daggers in opposite directions for the cost of one.
  • Air Projectile: Bomb Toss
  • Magic Jump: Dynamite Blast; leaps up with an explosion as powerful as alien's splash.
Snow Store Shopkeeper
  • Description: An eskimo that tells bad puns. He's an Iceskimo that defected from Ice King's ranks and runs the snow store with his companion.
  • Starting Weapon: Glaciadator (Elucidator made of ice); +5 strength +5 magic +2 agility 5% freeze; level 30.
  • Splash Attack: Ice Spikes; An ice reskin of vines shaped like spikes. It costs 1/6 of your mana bar.
  • Projectile: Snowball; A reskin of Iceskimo's snowball.
  • Air Projectile: Snow Pillars; Like his splash, but used for knockback instead of freezing. Has normal cost.
  • XXXY Combo: Snow Encasement; Like Ice XXXY but deals Non-Elemental damage. The enemy gets buried in snow, resetting the hit counter, and until they break free they'll look like a snowman; complete with a scarf, top hat, pipe, coal eyes, and carrot nose.
  • Magic Jump: Pants Rise (rise of the planet of the pants); The shopkeeeper never finds his pants, but his pants find him. A pile of trousers rises from the ground below him, then boxer shorts fly out of the pants and go cover the enemies heads.
Church Store Priest
  • Description: He makes his own holy water, he's the holiest man in the land, introducing the Priest! He has the power of God working for him, and he doesn't hesitate to use it.
  • Starting Weapon: Excalibur; +3 strength +8 magic +2 agility 2% vaporization; also known as the Holy Sword, this heavenly blade is the best match for this Priest. It has a blade made entirely out of platinum, with chrome guards, and a gold plated handle.
  • Splash Attack: Divine Intervention; A beam of light shoots across the screen dealing base magic damage x 2, vaporizing all enemies with less health than the damage dealt, shocking them for five seconds for base magic damage/3 afterward if they survive the blast, then causing fire damage over time. It can only be casted twice per mana bar. It hits enemies regardless of height.
  • Projectile: Holy Water; Augmented reskin of Papa Blue; it doesn't freeze, and it only splashes two times, but any enemies that get hit by it or step in a puddle it creates from splashing get shocked for 5 seconds then get hit with fire DoT. If players stand in the puddles, then they get 1% of their HP back every half second. It's the same on air and on land.
  • XXXY Combo: Vaporization; Deals (Base Magic Damage)4 + (Base Melee Damage)4, then shocks for 5 seconds, then burns. If the enemy dies from the initial hit, which is up to 384 damage with no positive magic, then the enemy is vaporized. It uses the power of God to purge evil from all who dare oppose his servant (the priest).
  • Magic Jump: Divine Rise; Same as his splash, but smaller, and costs 1/6 of the mana bar.

The DLC includes 42 weapons total, 30 without starting weapons. It also contains 12 pets.

Additional Weapons
  1. Tennis Racket: -1 strength +4 defense +4 agility 1% crit; level 15
  2. Billiards Stick: +2 strength +5 defense +3 agility; level 15
  3. Javelin: +5 strength +5 defense -2 agility 1% crit; level 20
  4. Feather Pen: -3 strength +3 magic +7 agility; level 15
  5. Fire Extinguisher: +6 strength -1 magic +3 agility 1% ice; level 15
  6. Lawn Rake: +2 strength +2 agility 1% crit; level 10
  7. Gardening Shears: -1 strength +2 magic +1 defense; level 1
  8. Candy Cane: +6 agility; level 5
  9. Cutlass: +3 strength +3 agility; level 15
  10. Broken Wine Bottle: +5 defense; level 1
  11. Katana: +8 strength -4 defense +8 agility 1% crit; level 35
  12. TV Remote: -3 strength +5 magic +2 agility 1% shock; level 15
  13. Camping Chair: +4 strength +2 defense -2 agility 1% crit; level 15
  14. Baseball Bat: +6 strength -3 magic +6 defense 1% crit; level 30
  15. PVC Pipe: -2 Strength +5 defense +6 agility; level 20
  16. Taxidermy Snake: +3 magic -1 defense +3 agility 3% poison: level 20
  17. Police Baton: +5 strength -2 magic +3 defense 1% crit; level 15
  18. Biplane Propellor: +4 Strength +2 defense +2 agility; level 15
  19. Steel Dagger: +2 strength -1 defense +8 agility 1% crit; level 35
  20. Fire Poker: +3 magic +3 agility 3% fire; level 20
  21. Soot Pan: +3 strength +3 defense 3% fire; level 20
  22. Spade: +2 strength +4 defense -1 agility; level 10
  23. Fireman's Axe: +4 strength 4% critical hit; level 35
  24. I-Beam: +8 strength +5 defense -5 agility 1% crit; level 30
  25. Stone Sword: +6 strength +3 defense -3 agility 1% crit; level 20
  26. Ruby Sceptor: +10 magic 1% crit; level 35
  27. Steel Broadsword: +10 defense 1% crit; level 35
  28. Titanium Rapier: +10 agility 1% crit; level 35
  29. Iron Hammer: +10 strength 1% crit; level 35
  30. Cletheron: +5 strength +5 magic +5 agility 2% radiation; level 35
  31. Actectheros: +7 strength +7 magic +2 agility 2% vaporization; level 35
  32. Balmung: 8+ strength +8 agility 2% bleedout; level 35


  • A white bengal tiger that increases in size until the size of a beefy player to engage enemies in martial arts once every 60 seconds.
  • The tiger won't attack enemies in the air, and it will always target the odd enemy in a wave, assuming it's not already in the air.
  • If the odd enemy is in the air, then it'll attack an enemy that isn't being directly attacked by a player.
  • He has 250 HP, like friendly NPCs, and 2,500 HP on insane mode.
  • The tiger's punches and kicks do damage based off of your strength stat.
Harey the Rabbit
  • A white rabbit that increases your agility by +5 and reduces your defense by -5.
Freddy the Ferret
  • A black ferret that increases your agility and strength by +2 each.
Willy the Weasel
  • A brown weasel who collects money, whether dropped by enemies, taken from dead bodies, or found randomly about the level.
  • Pickpockets enemies for 1-4 gold coins once every 30 seconds.
  • Collects gold from dead bodies...
    • 60% chance to collect gold coins (1G)
    • 30% chance to collect money bags (5G)
    • 10% chance to collect gold tikis (16G)
Fresca the Lab
  • A black labrador retriever who's similar to Hawkster, but more like a hunting dog than a trained hawk.
  • Collects turkey legs from fallen enemies
  • Bites enemies' heads like bitey bat dealing 5 damage; resets the hit counter.
  • Bites enemies while they're on the ground, damaging based on your strength stat.
Matt the Rat
  • Spawns assorted cheeses every 30 seconds.
  • Swiss: 10% HP - 50% Chance
  • Cheddar: 15% HP - 25% Chance
  • Pepperjack: 25% HP - 15% Chance
  • Wheel of Swiss: 50% HP - 10% chance
Maul the Moose
  • Similar to Scratch-Pow, after 60 seconds Maul goes into a rage mode, where he violently attacks enemies, knocking them around with his antlers based on your strength stat, using weapon effects.
  • While in rage mode he can't flinch, and has infinite health.
  • He can be mounted like a camel and breathes fire when you press Y, which deals damage and is ranged based on your magic stat; using the attack uses mana, but it has the range of orange knight's splash magic. Unlike other mounts, he runs as fast as a player with MAX agility (other mounts are slower than a player with 0 agility using a negative agility weapon).
  • The rage mode lasts for 30 seconds until he becomes docile again.
  • While docile he boosts your defense by +3.
Eddie the Eagle
  • Every 10-15 seconds he'll pick up an enemy by the head with his talons, dealing damage based on your strength (he does throwing/Drill Spin damage), and hold them in the air for you to juggle, waiting for 5 seconds, and if the player does nothing, then he'll drop them, dealing fall damage.
  • If there's a hazard in the area, such as camp fires, lava geysers, or falling rocks at full moon, then he'll take the enemies over there.
  • In King's, Peasants' and Icy arenas, he'll carry other players over to the cats. In Volcano arena, he'll carry players into the geysers. In Thieve's arena, he'll knock players off the mount, or drop them on the ground for fall damage. Players, unlike enemies, can break his grasp by rapidly moving/pressing the left analog stick, D-Pad, or WASD keys. Note that not all Steam players use WASD to move, but the majority do.
  • On parade, he'll knock enemies off of the carriage. In levels where enemies ride mounts, he'll knock said enemies off of the mounts.
  • All of his effects work on beefies.
  • On bosses, scarabs, antlions, slimes, and fishmen, he'll fly over and claw them 4 times in a row based on your strength stat.
  • If an Imp steals a money bag, then he'll automatically retrieve the bag from them unless they despawn off of the screen, and he'll knock bees out of the air when they're flying.
Raquel the Raccoon
  • When scarabs go underground, conehead groom plays his organ, Saracen/Bear enter their tornadoes (NPC's only), or Undead Cyclops begins bouncing, then she'll stop them early.
  • In Full Moon, she'll knock the enemies off of the ladders.
  • She'll crawl through tall grass to find food, but only if a player is missing more than 10% of their HP, and she always takes it to the player with the least HP.
  • She'll dig up X-marks, and bring her owner the contents. If it's a weapon or pet, she'll leave it, and if it's food, then she'll bring it to the player with the least health.
  • She'll walk over to dead bodies, and take any of the following from them:
    • Health Potion - 1% chance
    • Bomb - 2% chance
    • Sandwich - 4% chance
    • Starting Weapon - 8% chance
    • Cheeseburger - 16% chance
    • Rectangular and triangular jewels - 24% chance
      • Blue: 30%
      • Red: 25%
      • Yellow: 20%
      • Green: 15%
      • Violet: 10%
    • French Fry/Blueberry/Hard Boiled Egg - 40% chance
  • She'll break ice towers in Snow World, break crystals in Wizard Castle, open the Flooded Temple door by picking the lock, and open chests (raccoons in real life are known to be rather clever).
Timmy the Tuna
  • A tuna fish that makes the player regenerate 1% HP every second while standing in water.
  • Increases movement speed in water to 1.5x normal speed on land
  • When in the vicinity of water, he can drink some, and shoot a water based projectile like Old Blue Knight's projectile.
Eli the Eel
  • An electric eel that gives the ability to resist lightning.
  • He also randomly shoots lightning projectiles.
Bob the Blowfish
  • A blowfish that gives the ability to resist poison.
  • He also randomly shoots poison projectiles.
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I also had another idea that I like to call the Femenazi Preventative DLC


The title is more of a joke, but basically this DLC adds the four princesses, tricky the clown, the vet, and the Sorceress to the game, along with 3 weapons and 1 pet per character in addition to the starting weapons.



Green Princess
  • Description: Unlike her suitor, she has no melee gimp. She's (presumably) the daughter of the Sorceress, so she possesses great magical talent.
  • Starting Weapon: Thin Sword; +0 strength, level 1
  • Splash Attack: Poisonous Pillars; A poisonous reskin of vines.
  • Projectile: Poison Shot
  • Air Projectile: A ball of acid that lands directly below her and causes corrosion damage to enemies that stand on it, and poison DoT when they step off. Corrosion deals base magic damage x 0.5 three times per second.
  • XXXY Combo: Poison Drench
  • Magic Jump: Poison Rise which leaves behind a puddle of acid that causes corrosion damage.
Red Princess
  • Description: She uses altered lightning/weather magic.
  • Starting Weapon: Mace; +0 strength; level 1
  • Splash Attack: Hailstorm; She'll spawn 1-7 thunderclouds depending on your magic stat. The clouds follow random enemies and rain hail on them, which does base magic damage x 0.2 four times per second for three seconds, then freezing them after the third. If the enemy has less than 76 HP then it'll shock them until they die.
  • Projectile: Lightning bomb; Tosses a ball of lightning like a bomb, which when it makes contact with an enemy or bounces twice, explodes, causing extreme knockback. It can hit multiple enemies.
  • Air Projectile: Launches lightning down to the ground, which sends her the height of a normal jump up from wherever she was before, and hits enemies below, causing extreme knockback. It can't be used to go any higher than the invisible line that represents the max height that can be achieved with levitatinon.
  • XXXY Combo: Like Red Knight's, but holding the button sustains a stunlock, which drains mana.
  • Magic Jump: Lightning Rise
Blue Princess
  • Description: She uses altered ice/water magic.
  • Starting Weapon: Sheathed Sword; +0 strength; level 1
  • Splash Attack: Snow Pillars; A reskin of vines.
  • Projectile: Ice Bomb; When tossed, it bounces like a bomb, and when it explodes, it causes large spikes of ice to go jutting out in every direction with a hitbox the size of Alien's splash, freezing enemies.
  • XXXY Combo: Ice Encasement
  • Magic Jump: Water Rise
Orange Princess
  • Description: She uses altered fire/lava magic. She is NOT Tricky the Clown, just to be clear; she looks like the Blue Princess with purple hair and an orange dress.
  • Starting Weapon: Broad Ax; +0 strength; level 1
  • Splash Attack: When casted, a large ball of fire the size of orange knight's first segment of splash homes in on an enemy and deals base magic damage x 0.5, then constantly applies DoT to the enemy until 100+ damage has been dealt. It can be casted the normal 9 times, but the mana won't recharge until the fire on an enemy has gone out.
  • Projectile: Generic Fireball
  • XXXY Combo: Flame Burst; the same size as Orange Knight's splash attack, which uses mana
  • Magic Jump: Fire Pillar
Tricky (Clown Suit)
  • Description: The atrocious persona of Tricky
  • Starting Weapon: Balloon sword: -4 magic +5 defense +8 agility 4% banana cream pie (covers the enemy in banana cream pie filling, trapping them as if it were like ice)
  • Splash Attack: Banana cream pie rain; a reskin of bees with banana cream pie effects
  • Projectile: Flower squirter thingy; reskin of hatty's tears but shot from a flower on the suit's boob pocket
  • Air Projectile: Balloon animal: like pink knight's stuffed animal. It pops on impact, causing extreme knockback.
  • XXXY Combo: Banana cream pie filling
  • Magic Jump: Clown Tricycle rise; clown tricycles fall out the sides and crush enemies into the ground, with a chance to critical hit.
Tricky (Casual Outfit)
  • Description: Tricky's natural form; she actually is more beautiful than the four princesses (Cuz she's a brunette), but she used the clown getup as a disguise. (My speculation is that if she had taken the role of one of the other princesses, marrying one of the knights would get her money and power.) She uses magic that enhances her dexterity and mobility to maneuver around in battle better.
  • Melee: Unlike all other characters, her heavy attack always does an uppercut, unless X is used two or more times. (It's less confusing than it sounds, but it improves her dexterity massively, and she can use XYY levitation from level 1 instead of from level 8)
  • Starting Weapon: Silver Short Sword; +2 strength -2 magic +9 agility 1% critical hit
  • Splash Attack: Dexterity enhancement; archery damage x2, movement speed boost x1.5, melee speed increases to ninja's speed, magic cast rate increases to alien's speed. Magic cast rate and movement speed boost apply to team mates. Effect lasts 3 seconds per mana level, max of 21.
  • Projectile: Siver Dagger; Tossed at twice the movement speed of normal daggers and critical hits
  • Air Projectile: Three Bombs (like traveling salesman)
  • XXXY Combo: Bleedout
  • Magic Jump: Same as old King's
  • Description: The person from the animal ark that states the obvious. Presumably, she's the Blue Princess' mother.
  • Starting Weapon: Pointing Chalkboard stick thingy
  • Splash Attack: Yeti Rain; Like Beekeeper's splash, but it freezes
  • Projectile: Animal Orb Toss; Tosses a random animal orb that deals damage
  • XXXY Combo: Ice Encasement
  • Magic Jump: Animal Orb Jump; Leaps up with as many animal orbs as the player has unlocked
  • Description: The mage that taught the four knights their magic. Presumably, she's the Green Princess' mother.
  • Starting Weapon: Practice Foil
  • Splash Attack: Light Pillars; Reskin of Cult Minion and Skeleton's splash but with holy properties that bind the evil in its target. It shocks for 3 seconds then causes fire damage.
  • Projectile: Light Shot
  • XXXY Combo: Vaporize
  • Magic Jump: Pillar of Light
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During the AMA with the Behemoth they mentioned that they might be putting out new levels for their old IPs (Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers). I really hope they give us more levels and characters for CC since I've been dying to see a sequel for this game and I think this will be the best we'll get unfortunately.

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Well, i think Behemoth would just update all things, to make game more better, then other new stuff.

It seems a bit logic, since bugs needed to be fixed right now.

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I really love castle crashers its like my life i have been playing it since 2011 and i cant wait for there to be a castle crashers 2 if there ever will be 1 if there is can i suggest for dlc on castle crashers you try add swarmer its a bee character that you can play as and his magic is honey so if you hold down your magic and press (B) then it shoots bees out to swarm around enemies i have loads more great ideas if it is ok to share them?

do you want me to share them?

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the character i think they should add is a person called miner

*weapon pickaxe

*magic coal,diamond,iron etc

*appearance wearing a torch on his head with dirty mining clothes


and you can unlock him by completing a level called going deeper its where miners throw pickaxes at you and they can do other stuff etc but to unlock Miner you must complete the level with the peasant :)

hope you like this idea 

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-Barrage mode. Enemy spawns are increased by X3, 45% To have an enemy using magic attack's very often, 25% Chance for an to spawn with max agility, making them run around the place and dodging attacks very often, aswell as a 25% Chance for an enemy to spawn beefy, Also, new special enemy type, The Minion Mini-Boss, they have a 25% Of spawning during a boss, and have a 35% Chance of spawning during normal battle.

Minion Mini-Bosses, or MMBs, Stat's are upgraded, and can have special thing's to them.


Most of the time, Minion Mini-Bosses health are multiplied X3 of the base enemy, I.E Barbarian's will have 150 HP, Instead of just 50.

MMB's can be signify'd by This playing.

They can also be singled out by having a constant magic aura around them (I don't know what to call it.)

MMB's will be native to what play you are in, If you're in ice world, MMB's will spawn as a iceskimo etc etc.


Barrage on insane mode? That's something that I will edit later, give me some time, but let's say if you beat the game with barrage mode on You get a skull with a large crack running through it, If you beat the game using insane mode and barrage mode, you get the insane skull with alot of cracks running through it, aswell as a sword through it, but for now, that's just an idea..

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This is just wishful thinking but booker dewitt


- sky hook


- murderous crows (splash)

- shock jocky or devils kiss (ranged)

- bucking bronco or undertow (magic jump)


- (don't know yet)

animal Orb

- song bird (higher jumps)

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Character Idea: behemoth (like in the logo)

Weapon: a long chicken claw


Throws sharp feather(ranged)

Throws sharp feather downward(ranged air)

shoots egg that explodes on contact up and slightly forward(splash)

A bunch of chickens come and lift behemoth up ( jump )

Bow: I was thinking either a chicken drumstick or an egg

animal orb: fake chicken (a goose) similar to golden whale, it occasionally poops out a golden egg that gives 1 gold when picked up / occasionally squawks, stunning all enemies for 1 second on normal and 0.5 seconds on insane mode.

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mini catfish( magic:splashes water,throws hairballs,water  splash jump,water turnado)

The vet in the animal ark(magic:animal atack?)

A pirate(magic:throw bombs, digs up a X mark at once)

That aligator guy in the marsh level shop(magic:throw boots,buys stuff for 20% of)

Rainbow knight(female)(magic:all 4 rainbow powers at once, rainnado)

mini painter(magic:all 4 rainbow powers at once,painbucket splash,paint turnado)

mini cyclops(throw mini swords,Sword turnado)

mini frost king(magic:like the blue knights but more powerful)

mini undead cyclops(magic:such as the cyclops's but more powerful)


Medusa's comb

Plastik fork

dragons tooth(grab this sword after you defeat the dragon in the lavaland level)

the red pointing stick in the vets hands(only available when you unlock the vet)

paintbrush(available after defeating the painter,comes out with all the fruits inside his head or unlocked if mini painter is unlocked)

the 2 miniswords in the cyclops's hands(unlocked by defeating the cyclops or by unlocking the mini cyclops)

Boiling spoon(rare drop from peasants)

The grave that the undead cyclops used to smash you(unlock the mini undead cyclops for this)

icicle(get from in the ice kingdom)

animal orbs:

grim:instantly kills an enemy with little health

peli:helps you walk on water

wolf:a wolf in the full moon level and dog in a normal level

raindeer:helps you ride faster on the dinosaur and lama and deer

seal:gives the original waliking efect on ice

penguin:gives a freeze hit when you fight




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Magic: (simular to the necromancers)

Weapon: You know, Those sticks that deaths drag around to kill people, the one that looks like a mining stick (forgot its name)

Animal Orb: Skull (Kills an enemy with a low life bar)


Magic: (Heals her self)

Weapon: (Red pointing Stick)

Animal Orb: (Snailbert)


Magic: Gray poison

Weapon: Pirate Sword

Animal Orb: Parrot (Pecks on enemies)


Animal Orbs:

Imp: Collects gold for you

Bee: Stings enemies

Crow: Pecks on your enemies

Pigeon: Poops on Enemies

Bat creature from Alien Hominid: Does Something, Idk


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