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-BattleBlock Theater Video Collection-

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Well I've been thinking about this for a while, and nobody else has really collected all of our info up yet, so I guess I'm gonna have to do the tough work :P

This way you don't have to be tracking them down on youtube, I already took the hard effort too ;) enjoy!


Official Trailer-

Earlier Trailer-

Gameplay/Development Blogs

Video Camra/Low Quality

Comic-con Game play-

Pax Gameplay-

"Tidbit Series"-

If I've missed anything Please note. Also anyone know how to make it so the video appears on the forum, dankz. Hope this helps the fanboys ;)

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I filmed a bit of BattleBlock Theater in Comic Con too. I'll try to find my camera at some point so I can upload it.

Good for you ;)

But if you find anymore, I'm sure to post them in, I know I've missed a couple of the rare footage. Also you know how to make the youtube thing pop up in the forums?

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