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red steel 2?

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The game looks great but I would like a second opinion before I actually buy it.


Things i care about


-does the wii motion plus work as well as they say?

- how long is it

- does the storyline have a point? Or is it retarded


Things I couldn't honestly care less about


- Graphics

ok thats about it.

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hope that helps

all in all, It's a game with a ok story, brilliant swordplay and a interesting art style

looks like movement of the player is bad but otherwise it looks great. Thanks

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Take it from someone who has the game (me), this game is EPIC

I wouldn't really know if the Wii Motion+ makes a difference, the game just works well using it, so I'm assuming its good value for money

The story seems to drag on a little for the first hour or so, basically; take a quest, complete the quest, learn a new move, repeat a few times. After this you are given far more opportunity to explore, complete quests that require this exploration, etc.

The storyline is pretty pointless, the end leaves many loose-ends, and there's even an un-explained character who appears...whether or not this leaves room for a sequel, I don't know. Don't get me wrong though, you won't be concentrating on the story too much and the Gameplay is the most important focus ;)

The scenery is always beautiful, wherever you look the surroundings seem to be perfect and everything fits in with the cel-shady style

Gameplay...its really challenging at first, but when you begin to learn the moves and tactically use them to your advantage in battle you'll get the hang of it soon enough. There are the occasional bosses and larger enemies to throw you off-track nearer the middle and end parts of the game too, these are tough and usually involve trying to get around your foe in some way to get into a position you can use a 4-5 hit combo. Sure, it may get repetitive after you've figured out a certain way of beating the hell out of the regular enemies, so this is possibly the best piece of advice I can give:


So, the gameplay is extra-ordinary, all moves flow together almost seemlessly when you get the hang of it. It isn't all about hacking and slashing your way to the end, you will have to think about what you're doing

The game itself feels more like an arcade game, a fun, challenging and awesome arcade game that will keep you going for hours (until you get tired...and you will get tired :lol: )

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