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Da Milk Man

A Classic Word Game!

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It's all about acronyms! Certainly you've made some great acronyms before!

Here's how this game works:

Someone before you creates an acronym; you use the last word of their acronym to make your acronym. The acronyms must be explained. The acronym you create doesn't have to make much sense, really Using the word you are expanding upon is allowed. I'll give an example.

BEHEMOTH - Buttered Eggs Had Every Month Omit Thinning Hair.

Next person writes...

HAIR - Homies Are Indisputably Respected.

We'll start with:

GAME - Generally, Asparagus Makes Eggrolls.

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Out of teh game for this post, Reason why people arn't coming is because the lurker's are online right now, Later tomorrow it should have more post's.

From other people that is.

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IS - Idiot, Sure.

Not really. :lol: It stays as 'thread'. I just wanted to respond, to keep the game flowing. If someone wants 'Sure' over 'Thread', that's fine, it's your choice this time!

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