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conduit 2 the sequel is coming

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Any gamer that considers themselves above casual with a wii system has heard of the conduit. The conduit was the one of the few good online playgames released on the wii but limitations were present in the story( nine levels) and multiplayer...(there wasn't one) well anywways these problems may be fixed in the sequel "conduit 2" the main storyplot is around Atlantis but not much more hasbeen said. The game features multiplayer mode for 4people and a co-op mode called invasion... possibly a nazi-zombies like game. Online and offline will now have classes with perks. Perks include things like ammo belts, robotic legs, and heavy armor. Also things like reverse damage can be added to a gun to heal partners by shooting them. New guns include a new sniper rifle that can shoot through walls and a sheild that takes in bullets and sends them back at higher damage. The game also features classes which will allow diffrent perks and basic features. The game also has Ai vs Ai vs human so that you don't have to play on a team for more then 2 players. Not to mention wi-fi features the ability to have 4 people per consol. So you and three friends can enjoy online play together.

The game is set to hit fall of 2010 make sure you get your copy

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