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Win a PAXeast T-shirt (Large)

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Miss us at PAX? At Pax, but miss our sweet BattleBlock PAXeast Tee?

As noted in our devblog post, we have some extra PAX East Shirts in Large (yes, only large)

To enter to win one, all you have to do is write us a Haiku! Post it here in this thread. Our favorites will get Tees. Contest ends 4/21 am. enter as many times as you like!



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I hope I'm allowed

To enter this shirt contest.

Even as a Mod.

Because this whole post

Will be nothing but Haikus.

Hope you enjoy them.

Why even do this?

I hate poetry so much.

I don't even know.

Oh, and by the way,

What do these PAX shirts look like?

Do you have pictures?

My shirt size is large.

I'll wear it at Comic Con

If you give me one.

If you don't want to,

You don't have to give me one.

I really don't mind.

I'll just be crying,

In the corner of my room.

My dark, lonely room.

I'll have ice cream, too.

Yes, tons of tubs of ice cream,

For my depression.

But that's fine with me,

Because I know I'm still loved

By The Behemoth.

Of course they love me.

That's why they make such great games,

Like Castle Crashers.

I'll never forget

While I cry myself to sleep:

Behemoth :arrow: 's me.

I'll be stopping now,

Because I still hate Haikus,

Like all poetry.

Edit: By the way,

Everything I post here

Will be in Haiku.

Double edit: Oh,

I'd forgotten to mention

How I pronounce words.

An example is

'Everything,' which I pronounce

Differently sometimes.

'Differently,' too.

These words can have 3 or 4

Syllables for me.

I hope that clears up

Any questions you might have.

Go on with your life.

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Fearsome behemoth

kills everything in its path.

Also, it makes games.

Is Dan a /b/ tard?

If so, I have a message.

You just lost the game.

So many faces;

so many weapons to boot.

I'm grenade throwing kitty!

A friend named Hatty,

a mysterious island;

wait, is that a cat?!?

If I win the prize,

can I get Dan's signature?

On the shirt, of course.

How many entries?

I feel I'm the only one.

Am I annoying?

I'm freezing right now.

If only I had a shirt,

I'd be much warmer.

I have a question;

what's Dan's favorite pokemon?

I bet it's Squirtle.

I've entered a lot.

Am I more likely to win?

I highly doubt it.

See my avatar?

I love BBT a lot.

I deserve a shirt. :)

These are the ones I've submitted on Twitter so far. I'll update as I think of more.

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The kindness shines bright,

from the chicken of glory,

to keep on giving.

We offer haikus,

for the behemoth chicken,

as acts of kindness.

The chicken jumped high,

high above into the sky,

to grab a winner.

Wow, haikus are kind of fun. :)

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(I'm making some traditional japanese haiku)

Behemoth Traditional Haiku:

Rusty Armor

Chicken takes a gaze

Heroes hatch

Damn cat

Too big for us

Workout time

English Haiku:

In the berry bush

The salmon eater ensconced

Crapping one's own pants?

Grand little chicken

A behemoth you shall be

Bringing us merry

Good luck everybody! :D

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Big chicken logo.

What could it mean? Best games ever!

The Behemoth Rocks!

FBIs lay dead.

Alien Hominid runs,

Leaving bloody trail.

Knights of four colors

save princesses, kill big trolls

In Castle Crashers.

Battleblock Theater.

Powerful gems and weapons.

When will it release?

These are my haikus.

Alien Hominid: too

many syllables!

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um, can i still win

i am kinda late for this

behemoth loves me

Crashing those castles

the orange knight pwnzors n00bz

and saves the princess

holy cow haiku

is very hard and it hurts

my brain ahh the pain

alien rocks socks

he chomps the feds and commies

then crashes castles

spring is here, hooray

no more snow; its gone away

now starts hay fever.

Ich habe ein held (I have a hero)

Er heisst Behemoth (it is named Behemoth)

Sie machen spielen (they make games)

seriously though, can i still win?

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