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The Forgotten Knight

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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I played the *ahem* "Demo" of Deus Ex 3 that was *Cough* released recently.

And I must say, it blew all my expectations away.

I only played what one could consider the "Demo" Portion of it, but my gosh it was wonderful.

They dropped the Stupid parts of DX2, kept the good parts of DX1, console-ified it a little bit in the process, but not to the point it's obnoxious like in DX2.

They've merged The skills system from DX1 with the biomod system.

So instead of Stacking points into "Rifles" you just get a biomod to increase accuracy.

In any case, I was quite wary before, but Now I'm ecstatic!

I haven't been this enthusiastic about a game release since Brutal Legend

Edit: Now that it's out. I can say I played the warehouse "tutorial" mission and no further than that before release.

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Nice. Between this, Saints Row 3, Elder Scrolls V, and a good game I don't know how I'm going to find time to play everything.


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I've played Deus Ex, and so has my father since its release. Deus Ex was such a great experience on its own, still holding up to this very day in terms of gameplay. I get the feeling that Human Revolution will be a continuation of true Deus Ex spirit from what I've seen and heard from people who have played the *ahemhem* "demo". I haven't played it at all, but I've consistently been told it surpasses expectations left by Invisible War, and met those of the original Deus Ex.

I'm absolutely thrilled. My only beef is that it releases the same day I go back to school.

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