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Zombie Attack

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A) Try and negotiate with them.

John cautiously approaches the group of looters, and alerts them to his presence.

"Uh, hello. My name is John-"

One of the looters turns around.

"Oh yeah? Does John have any money?"

John replies,

"I just wanted to see if we could, uh... negotiate?"

The looter with the crowbar charges at John. Tim shoots the charging looter twice in the chest. He goes down instantly.

Tim says, in true Fifth Element fashion,

"Anybody else wanna negotiate?"

The rest of the looters run off.


John picks up the crowbar and uses it to chew through the electrical wiring holding the pharmacist to the chair. The crowbar is now an available weapon for the party. John and Tim:

[For this, pick both a letter and a number.]

A) Invite the pharmacist to join their party and ask for information.

i. give her the crowbar

ii. leave her unarmed

B) Leave the pharmacist out of the party.

i. arm her with the crowbar

ii. leave her unarmed


1) Continue searching the drug store. (the pharmacist would probably know what's around)

2) Set up a base in the drug store.

i. stay for the rest of the day

ii. set up and move out after

3) Ditch the drug store.

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Did i do it right?

Anyway you stay with her, leaving her the crowbar and search for stuff.

You find out her name (Paula). She accepts to join the party and you ask her for help to get the supplies.

-Oh, don't worry about that, the looters have done that for us *pulls bag full of drugs from the ground*, not everything we need but everything that is worth taking from this place.

-Well that sounds nice, if you have anything else you had like to take please hurry up and pack it, those guys know we are here and they might come back.

Paula gathered all she could and they headed to the exit, suddenly they heard voices outside. Everyone stopped and Tim had the gun ready, sadly the looters didn't even try to come inside and started to throw molotov grenades to the entrance.

The entrance of the pharmacy is on fire, the smoke will probably kill you faster than the fire if you don't hurry, and the zombies will probably be attracted by the noise and the light from the fire.

1- Take the back door to the alley, there might be zombies or looters.

2- Try to turn off the fire with the extinguisher.

3- Look for another exit.

4- Lay there and die

*If this post doesn't match the rules or whatever disregard it, not sure how this game works

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2: John grabs the fire extinguisher and pulls the pin only to find it expired last week. In a frenzy, John opens the alley door only to find at least a dozen looters waiting. the looters have a shotgun, a switch-blade, and many other melee weapons.

A) Attempt to fight them

B) Try to negotiate again...

C)Get them to take you to their base

D) Try to run away

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John runs up to the looter with the shotgun. Luckly he is suprissed by this action and dosn't have time to shoot. John manages to uppercut the looter in the face, knocking him out. 6 of the other loots jump from this attack, scarred they run away. Tim and John then stand next to eachother and manage to kill 3 of the other looters before they have to reload. Now there are only 2 looters left. One runs up with a crowbar, he manages to get in swining distance of John, but the other looter smashes his baseball bat against his head. After looking up at John and Tim with his blood covered baseball bat and torn up hoodie. He runs out of the shop. John remembers the fire and the crew leaves, but just as they leave they see the looters the fled getting eaten by zombies, who were attracted by the commotion. The one that helped you is on the ground, with his baseball bat being the only thing saving his from the zombie.

[short Version]

John attacks looters, eventually there are only 2 looters. Looter 1 almost kills you but Looter 2 kills Looter 1 to save you. Looter 2 runs outside and the crew go's after him. Looter 2 is getting attacked by a zombie.

[Pick a letter, and a number]

A) Save the looter

i. Ask him to join you

ii. Expect a reward

B) Leave the looter to die

1) Call for Tom's dog before you leave

2) Run farther into town, getting away from the close zombies, but getting closer to more.

3) Run away from town

4) Look for another car

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A,i- John helps the looter up and thanks him. He thanks John as well. John asks him his name as they run back inside the mall to find the fire is out. He replies that his name is Carter. The group runs out of the pharmacy and looks around.

They find a sports equipment shop that is protected by hard glass, a closed up shop that looks perfect but could be the home of obscene horrors and a muffled sound can be heard from within but is too muffled to be understood, a children's play area, and a food court that could be barricaded but due to the large size if it was broken into chances are it wouldn't be noticed

John decides they should enter:

A) The sports shop

B) The closed up shop

C) The children's play area

D) The food court

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C) The children's play area

John and crew go towards the play area. They hear crying and find its coming from under a slide. They investigate and find a 12 year old male. The kid look at you (thinking your a zombie) and runs away (but he's not fast). You look ahead and see a group of zombies that the kid's running to.

John decides:

A ) Shout at the kid and see if he comes back.

B ) Run up and kill the zombies and save the kid

C ) Catch the kid and reason with him.

D ) Walk away.

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A) Shout at the kid and see if he comes back.

John shouts desperately at the kid, but the child was deafened, and apparently blinded by his fear. He runs into the group of zombies, but somehow runs out of the group unscathed as well, escaping into the food court.

Just as well! John and Tim don't have much ammunition left. John's old Colt revolver only has one full cylinder of six rounds left, and Tim's Beretta 92F only has one measly full magazine of 15 rounds. Paula's crowbar and Carter's fists wouldn't do a whole lot either to a group of the size.

It's starting to actually get kind of late. The current time is 8PM, and the sun has almost set. The mall lights are set to turn off at 10PM. John and the gang decide to:

[pick one]

A) Persue the kid in hopes of finding him in the food court.

B) Forget the kid and explore the surroundings in detail.

C) Make a fort for the night in this children's play area.

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The party runs toward the food court and finds the boy running. Suddenly, a dozen zombies surround the kid, who started sceaming.


A: Kill the remaining zombies surrounding the kid in attempt to save him.


B: Abandon the kid and leave towards:


1) The sports shop

2) The closed up shop (still has mumbling noises)

3) The children's play area (again)

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