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drunken feedle

Create your very own CASTLE CRASHER AVATAR right now!!

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Well its not exact or perfect but if you have around 1000 ms points I can get you something pretty close to a grey knight with a light sabre.

Hear me out..

First go to avatar marketplace and go to DEADLIEST WARRIOR

Now go to knight helmet and buy it for 180 points

Now go to viking pants (pretty sure they look like the crasher knights over the knight pants from deadliest warriors)

they cost 320 points i think. So 500 points gone if im right

Now you can do one of the two...

Buy the KNIGHT SHIELD for 200 or whatever

Or buy the Light Sabre from Star Wars force unleashed for 400

Doesn't that look like a castle crasher?

Pretty damn good!

Anyhow theres a ninja suit in the game marketplace as well but its black and looks nothing like the ninja in castle crashers.

Enjoy and take some pics

Also want to add that if you dont like the viking armour theres a samurai armour (red) and obi wans suit which looks pretty fitting as well... i didnt buy those two but wearing the helmet and viewing the other armours in marketplace shows what they would look like equiped.

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im not sure how to make an image load here but heres the link to my avatar ... p45nwu.png

That is the viking armour, knight helmet

viking armour is 340 ms points and the helmet is 160 i think

Theres also a couple of shields for 160 which are cheaper then the light sabre.

Also if you dont want to buy the armour you can buy a skull necklace shirt or something close.

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