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Alien Hominid Tips/Tricks

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So was hoing through the forums and a lot of peole needed help with the game, but as you all know :cry: campaign isnt xbox live capable :(

But anyway post your tips and tricks here.

1) On the first boss where you fight the skinny and tall lazer shooting guy, when he charges at you dig in the ground. (down+x or ground+y) (i forgot)

And when he bends down to shoot the lazer at you dig in the ground.

2) On the second boss with the the robot controlled by instaball (first level) he will jump up into the sky, and slam on the ground. Then he will lose his arms, after that he will jump again. Stay still and shoot in the air. while he is up in the air he positions himself so he can land on you, so if you stay still and shoot upwards you will keep hitting him.

3) On some parts of the game you will find countless agents after you and for everyone that is killed another one comes. At this point you should jump on a agents head and run. You keep running until you have to kill enemies to progress.

Hope you like these.

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Mind if I add my own?

While fighting keep shooting fbi with quick blasts not charged ones. When you see a bullet comming at you duck down and keep fireing in both derections *try to change as fast as possible when you see people*

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